"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

September 11, 2008

it's a wonderful world

I know, not posting much. But life, it is such, what to do.

First, the most awesome video you'll see for a long time (thx, karbage)

Yeah, I know :D

5 mins after disocovering this video, random dude/dudette pinged me on skype. This is what happened, no lies.

[12:35:49 AM] goga555 says: are you here?
[12:35:59 AM] Sunil Pai says: who is this?
[12:36:19 AM] goga555 says: iam goga
[12:36:28 AM] goga555 says: from georgia
[12:36:40 AM] goga555 says: :*
[12:37:01 AM] Sunil Pai says: Hi goga from georgia. I don't really know you, so I'm not going to talk to you, ok?
[12:37:31 AM] goga555 says: oh
[12:37:35 AM] goga555 says: i vant
[12:37:42 AM] Sunil Pai says: bye.
[12:37:42 AM] goga555 says: your penis
[12:37:52 AM] Sunil Pai says: um, what?
[12:37:56 AM] Sunil Pai says: you want my penis?
[12:37:59 AM] goga555 says: show me your penis?
[12:38:02 AM] Sunil Pai says: why on earth?
[12:38:13 AM] Sunil Pai says: don't you have wars and stuff going on?
[12:38:24 AM] Sunil Pai says: surely they're more important right now...
[12:39:00 AM] goga555 says: i want you?
[12:39:20 AM] Sunil Pai says: why would you say that, goga?
[12:39:49 AM] goga555 says: becouse indian one is nice
[12:40:04 AM] goga555 says: send me please
[12:40:24 AM] goga555 says: picture of your penis?
[12:40:26 AM] Sunil Pai says: er, how the heck can I send you my penis?
[12:40:30 AM] Sunil Pai says: oh a picture
[12:40:31 AM] Sunil Pai says: hmm
[12:40:42 AM] Sunil Pai says: I've never really taken pictures of it
[12:40:57 AM] goga555 says: why?
[12:41:09 AM] Sunil Pai says: I mean, if I want to remind myself of it , all I have to do is loosen my pants and look
[12:41:55 AM] goga555 says: is it long and large or short and thin?
[12:42:37 AM] Sunil Pai says: average-ish, I guess...
[12:42:58 AM] goga555 says: :*
[12:43:13 AM] goga555 says: what size is it?
[12:43:24 AM] Sunil Pai says: um, regular.
[12:43:44 AM] goga555 says: what?
[12:43:53 AM] goga555 says: how many cm?
[12:44:36 AM] goga555 says: i see your penis do not work
[12:44:40 AM] Sunil Pai says: wow, my underpants don't come with a ruler I"m afraid. let's just say it helps me aim when I pee.
[12:48:05 AM] Sunil Pai says: lol that shut you up good, didn't it.
[12:48:23 AM] Sunil Pai says: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO ME!
[12:48:56 AM] goga555 says: do you speak english?
[12:48:57 AM] Sunil Pai says: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!
[12:49:00 AM] Sunil Pai says: er, yes I do.
[12:49:29 AM] Sunil Pai says: pretty good actually
[12:49:40 AM] Sunil Pai says: I should tell you about how I want to write
[12:49:52 AM] Sunil Pai says: about a quick brown fox
[12:49:56 AM] Sunil Pai says: all very interesting
[12:49:56 AM] goga555 says: your penis do not wark?
[12:50:24 AM] Sunil Pai says: er, it WARKS just fine. points north, in fact.
[12:50:50 AM] goga555 says: then show me?
[12:51:11 AM] Sunil Pai says: arre, I just told you, no photos.
[12:51:23 AM] Sunil Pai says: wait, lemme take a quick schematic picture...
[12:51:26 AM] Sunil Pai says: gimme a min
[12:52:17 AM] goga555 says: i do not know such english
[12:52:44 AM] Sunil Pai says: gimme one minute, goga. patience is awesome, I'm told.
[12:53:04 AM] goga555 says: ok
[12:53:21 AM] goga555 says: send i am waiting
[12:58:13 AM] Sunil Pai sent file "hooha.jpg" to members of this chat

[12:59:30 AM] Sunil Pai says: yes, you understand?
[12:59:41 AM] Sunil Pai says: I can't wear shorts in public.
[12:59:46 AM] goga555 says: i see you are not a man
[12:59:59 AM] Sunil Pai says: sigh
[1:00:18 AM] goga555 says: take a real picture and send if you are a man
[1:01:10 AM] goga555 says: you have not penis
[1:01:16 AM] goga555 says: :P
[1:01:27 AM] Sunil Pai says: else you'll send tanks to my country and try to bomb me? OH WAIT, THAT'S YOU!

[at this point, I think the net connection is blown to bits or something]



Saturday Night Takeout said...

yes, it's "comparative". shut up :P

Anonymous said...

This chat transcript woke me up; worked better than my morning cup of coffee.

Goga555 is spreading such joy to the world.

Anonymous said...

funny really funny but has to be fiction. No wonder you want to write.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

the best I can offer by way of circumstantial evidence - link

Logik said...

Dude, This is like the Tasha files, and Maddox's Big Balls combined...
if u know what I mean...

Anonymous said...

wonder why strangers always grab/want to grab yours. under ki baat kya hai?

byker7 said...

If you're going to borrow archaic Hebe slang (circa 1950) to descirbe your particle-beam-emitting-ice-cube-maker, at least spell accurately. It's "Schlong". With the phlegm. Like in "Schmooze" or "Chaim".

Venu said...

LOL. One of the nicknames of our very own Vaibhav Gogulwar was.. Goga.

Btw, Metallica are visiting OSU as part of their tour. Me going. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Sasidhar said...

You actually fit in a 'All your base...' !
Damn proud :)