"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

June 30, 2008


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June 23, 2008

Let me write you a letter anyway.

I haven't written on a laptop so long, at first it feels like I can't remember the spelling of some words. And I keep hitting the keys wrong.
But slowly, the old movements come back, almost natural, like I was born with the knowledge of typing.

I mean, coding isn't even proper typing. It's more peering at the screen and writing the same things again and again. Bothersome.

How are you? I'd love to sit with you someday over coffee and generally, y'know, talk.
I'd rather you wrote back to me though. I like what you write.

It rained last evening at about 11-ish. Rained for about an hour. We somewhat got caught in it on the way to Firangi Pani, where everyone sang the same old songs, did the same old things, and generally drank silly.
The usual.
But like a genius, I stood back, didn't drink, put on the ipod, and started playing one song again and again. And this one song, playing loudly and not being able to hear anyone around you, suddenly separates you from the rest of the room. It's incredible, that feeling. It's almost like you're invisible. It then hits you how loud music and dim lighting affect people.

Firstly, nobody's noticing you walking around. They're all either talking in close quarters with someone, or staring at their glasses. And it's so dark, I probably seem blurry to them unless they're anyway looking in my direction. But nobody cares.
Also, the music in my ears meant it seemed like silence, like white noise. Because they obviously can't hear what I'm hearing, we're both inside silence.

I took the earphones off and the feeling of moulding back with the real world flooded me. The way the people were bobbing their head explained itself. Everyone seems to catch the beat and rock their body to it. Fascinating.

I lied, by the way.I did have something to drink. R_ offered me half a beer at the sports bar, but it's true I didn't pay for it.

Anyway. Nobody noticed when I disappeared for a full 10 minutes.

I went back out into the rain.

It was incredible.