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February 25, 2008


So funny my folks can be :)

So I'm back from the US, and am 'in between' houses right now. Which is to say, while the new house is getting readied, I'm staying with my favorite women, the trio at Banjara Hills. They stay in the most fabulous penthouse overlooking the city with a clear view of the moon from the bar counter. Quite pretty. And I love them to bits, they've welcomed me completely (as long as I keep playing them tunes on the LP, opening doors for them and protect them from leering guys at the pubs we frequent. Which is a good arrangement I think :) So anyway, I'm speaking to my folks and my Mom's freaking out.
"So you're staying with 3 women?"
Yes ma.
"Mmm ok. Isn't one these women the one you had a thing for a while ago?"
Something like that, yes ma.
"And you're moving into a place by yourself?"
Yes ma.
Yes ma.
"Are you sure?"
Yes ma.
? Doesn't everybody want to?
"So who're you moving into the new place with?"
Ma, I just told you. Alone.
"Haan, just tell me her name"
"No it's ok even if it's one of them. Just tell name no"

Bloody depressing when the truth is exactly like I'm saying. I'm single, and I don't like it.

Dad is tripping, of course. His son is hanging out with women, and his life long fear that his son is a poof is slowly fading away.
"Yay son, female hormones!"

I have this story about Dad that I tell everyone to explain the kind of person he is with me. It's set around '95-'96. I'm still a fan of shorts and TMNT. This day's the day when a girl calls my house for the first time. Dad picks up the phone (this is way before the cordless phone days), the girl asks for me politely and sweetly. Dad passes the phone on to me, goes and sits in his corner cane chair. The conversation I have with the girl is mundane, something about classwork or something. I put the phone down and Dad calls me to the corner.

"Sit down"
"So, a girl called you?"
Yes dad.
"Hmm. Classwork?"
Yes dad.
"So you like girls?"
Mmm yes dad.
"You don't like boys no?"
No dad.
[patting me on the back and giving me a satisfied smile]"Gooooood boy"

:) I have funny parents.


Sam said...

Yeah, you've told me that story before. Still makes me grin though. :P

byker7 said...

finally, i understand why the spate of guitar buying.

you're only going to play one.

the other 12 are for dealing with licentious citizenry in hyderabad's pubs, in your role as knight errant.

brilliant story about your dad.

Akshaya said...

ha ha :D

Anonymous said...

Hee. Your folks are so much fun. Wanna meet. Really.

And, prove it that you are back in town.

Czar said...

Must I say 'hUlarious' ? :D

Wonderful parents dude!