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February 29, 2008

jam session ahead

Heading home this weekend, which is neatly coinciding with my college culfest Incident. [I hate the muzak OST at their site, makes it sound like doubleX porn]. So, I've decided to take the guitar and unit along, and will walk in the campus till someone recognizes me and shoves me into the band room.

Atleast that's the plan :)

I'll take photos at the fest anyway, and show you all.

PS- Any KRECians who read this and want to meet up for a beer, lemme know. Buzz me on 9989068493


akshata said...

so why would you put your phone number on a website? that desperate for a girl to call ya??

Nanga Fakir said...

We want liveblogging from Inci and lots of photos!

Nonsensiclespeak: said...

i want to have friendship with you sir. i am lonely and sad in this The life. i will introduce myself as a jovial fun loving character. thank you for giving me your phone number. it makes me feel connected with you. i can feel the waves. i will call you to propose my friendship. if you are the jam, i will be the sandwich bread. i can provide in whole wheat variety also. please sir, i hope you will consider the same. please make friendship with me? please?

Saturday Night Takeout said...


kaiya said...

good jam it was. Sweet child of mine if I remember correctly