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February 08, 2008

The Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy GX

Epiphone has debuted a new Les Paul at NAMM '08, and I like to think that this is finally a Les Paul DONE RIGHT. A quick rundown -

  • - 24 jumbo frets. I haven't seen a non-22 fret LP ever before. Not like it's used a lot, but it's great to know that option is now there. Even the new Gibson AXCESS LP (the one with a floyd rose bridge) has only 22 frets.
  • - they've ditched the traditional thick C neck for a tapered compound radius neck, with a satin finish. PERFECT. No more hurting your thumb when trying to play lead around the higher frets. YAY.
  • -They've ditched their stinky vintage knobs for lovely pearl ones. (Heck, the knobs were the first thing I replaced as soon as I got my own LP.)
  • - Strap locks; badly wanted on these heavy sluggers since forever. No more dropping it on stage and looking like a complete idiot.
  • - A graphite nut. Neatly sidestepping Gibson's age-old problem of having the strings bind to the nut every 2nd day, wonking out tuning the damn thing.
  • - Gibson DirtyFingers pickups. Super. And the knobs act like coiltaps, letting you convert the humbuckers to single coils just by pulling on them. No more tone problems, your LP can now sound like a Strat on steroids! Yessss.
  • - Incredible blade pearl inlays, a beautiful headstock, gold hardware, lovely grover tuners, fabulous quilt top body, binding on the neck and body, mmmmmm I likes the pretties...

This will be my next Les Paul, if I feel like it and if I have the money. It's available for preorder now off GuitarCenter, but sigh, can't afford it yet :|

[Also, they've launched an EX version of this with EMGs, but I'm not a fan of active pickups, so whateva.]


aiiyyyooooooo sweettiiieeeeee said...

thought i would be a sweet sis and get it for you - it is six freaking hundred dollars?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeeeeeeeeeeezz. you are getting too expensive for me. but you are still too cheap to get me a bean bag or a sweater :P sad sad

Saturday Night Takeout said...

You're blind. It's 700 + tax.

JasonCrenshaw said...

I just went out looking at some guitars today, and this is the one I am getting. Sounds so sweet. Im also getting an Epiphone Triggerman Head And Box with it, because it sounds pretty much unbeatabl like that. A nice guitar to get.

Anonymous said...

I just bought one. AWESOME. Best guitar I've ever owned, and I've owned MANY.

Anonymous said...

has ny1 else reliesed this is the 2nd version of the same guitar... the same one before this didnt allow access to the 22+ frets