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January 20, 2008

the new guitar

Schecter Damien FR. It's wicked, and sounds like a banshee.

I love.
Specs here.

[In related news, I've decided that when I get back, I'm going to beat Vijeth to death, then steal the SD pickups from his RR3. So there.]


HelterSkelter said...


HelterSkelter said...

Wait! hang on now.
Did you buy this ?
I am going to kill you first.
Out of jealousy.

Czar said...

Word of the day : Banshee.

Reminded me of the car in GTA first. Wikied for it. Got gyaan.

Thanks. :D

Saturday Night Takeout said...


Jugular Bean said...

A metchulhead?

Greechings! I landed up here from a link on vishalpatel.com, I stumbled across his site eons ago and then completely forgot bout it and then found it again. What a glorious day! Hallelujah!

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Not so much a metalhead, more into post/punk/grunge rock, and a little blues now and then. I mean, we all listen to the same stuff, I'm just not a fan of death and expectorant ads. Good to have you here!