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December 18, 2007

[Ganked from the RSJ facebook group, pass it along to anyone you know who might be interested.]


Send In Entries By: Jan 29th 2008

All entries must be sent in an AUDIO CD format, no compressed audio formats please.

Accompanying the CD, there must also be PRINTOUTS of the band profile, worded properly, without the use of slang, needless CAPS & definitely no SMS like language. The profile must contain valid contact information of ALL the band members, with valid phone numbers & e-mail addresses.

There should also be a CD containing said profile, and HI-RES photos of group shots of the band.

Please send it in by courier, in a well padded envelope to prevent damage of the CD.


86/1, 3rd Building, 1st Floor
Shahpur Jat
New Delhi - 110049
Ph: 011-26497944/45

Please note: This is not a competition entry, it's merely the best way we've found to hunt for some of the best talent in the country. However, these items ARE required for the festival - in magazine coverage, booklet, festival CDs and other promotional tools pertaining to the festival.

I wish we had enough stuff recorded for this by now, but sigh, next year maybe, eh Vijeth? :)

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HelterSkelter said...

Oh Blimey!
You are thinking exactly what I am thinking.
Jolly Good ;P
Next Year, Most definitely.