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September 26, 2007

[what passes for literature nowadays]


we guys are very much attracted to gizmo ...all of us have desire to aquire the latest and the best gadget avilable ..but here i m talking about somthing different may be silly but this gizmo is ancient as much as our human history and will last till end of human race .Here i m talking about "girl friend ". definately it has the potential to influnce (affect) our life style and very important our thinking also.let us take the case of our nit,here gf is a prized possesive gizmo with bunking saturday sunday holiday .after all here no one would give you a more than a cursory look to your techno style look .in other hand gettiing a nice gadget (girl) you you become more cool more famous ..a good percentage of nit popullation know you by face they may have your ur branch and year also .A huge popularity indeed like you have got an karizma. but here as gizmo are short the customer has to suffer the most .here i m describing some incident .one of my friend got into net gizmo searching and found one at New Delhi .thanks to c.c.f. .The deal was done until other bidder 4m that same ccf play the spoil sport and cancelling my friend auction .after that my frind got a trauma and his addiction to net fadded a way .thanks to his good friend . Another of my friend completed his first anniversary of gadget following , and according to me he might end up celebrating his 4th anniversary. annother pretty serious case where the customer try to acquire a gadget which one is not 4 sale (one sided ).that customeer suffered too much 4 nothing both mentally and monetary (fine ) .Mass of the beginer are now looking at the latest market (1st yearties)many of them wanting to smooch theire loved ones at eifeltower like that of in MP3 movie .good news for them as surat provide it right here at parle point Okguys don"t worry about the parents go ahead and take your time .from rest many are still searching on the net best of luk 4 them . And 4 my gadget community customer still prefer quality over beauty and longlasting over style ,and last at mesmerised by their beauty customer are bound to suffer loose may be in form of money ,time or even cgpa .

[credit: gutterflower]


Nanga Fakir said...

The quality of the article suggests that you've reproduced this piece from the as yet unreleased Batch of 2007 yearbook....Am I correct?

Andy/Nanga Fakir

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Close, but no. It's from the as yet unreleased Batch of 2007 yearbook of NIT Surat, not Surathkal :)

Great to see you hear, Andy.

sunayana said...

No, actually it is from a monthly college mag we have here.. and I'm one of the editors :( No way that is going to get published though.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Your loss :D

Gutterflower said...

No no it MUST be published ! =(