"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

July 20, 2007


This fucking city. You love it to bits and all it does is take a shit right on your face.
I wanted to come back to rain, to nights on the terrace getting soaked, to walking on the raods with a happy chaos that everyone loves being in.
Looks like I missed the best part of the rains. And worse, everybody's a scowly child.
I left Bangalore to get rid of people, of traffic, and having to constantly question whether I was living in a life of decadence and assbuggery.
Bangalore's now come to me. The people, the traffic, the assbuggery, and the decadence just followed suit.
The fucking traffic, I hate it and how it makes me feel. I now scream at people on the roads. My happy-go-lucky personality (heh) is in shambles. In the trash. In storage.
["Get off the road, you waste of sperm!"]
I am not being a happy guy.

Thank God, for now, for guitars and comics and music and friends and women and books and the internet and cigarettes and wine and rumAndCokes and videoGames and moviesAboutRealLife. They're forming a thin thread of sanity that I'm scared will unravel all too fast.

[title courtesy: Jenny Holzer]


Umm-oo. said...

aren't you glad i didn't come?

btw, it's pouring here.
come back peeya - for a tiny break.

and don't worry, you'll fall back in love with home.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

You'd feel perfectly "at home" here :)

Me, I'm going to Manipal in a couple of weeks. And I'm dying to. I never fell out of love with it. I'm just a tiny-town boy at heart, after all.

Safari Al said...

Paya!!!! you in bangalore?

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Nope, Hyderabad. Just saying it feels like blore, and that sucks.

aiiyyyooo sweettiieeeee said...

You have/had a happy-go-lucky personality?
where the bloody hell is my bean bag?

Gutterflower said...

music and friends and books and the internet and wine and rumAndCokes and moviesAboutRealLife - just some of the things i miss. and freedom.
and IM-ing. and rain. and late night walks. and chicken.
im going away this weekend, to anywhere. =)