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June 04, 2007

At San Jose SuperCon '07, my first ever comic book convention, I got...

  • - 5 pieces of art, all from Industriacide, by Sean Dietrich, my new favourite artist/writer. Dark dark stuff. Here's a link to one of the pieces I bought.
  • - 6 prints, one sketch book with a sketch on the last page, 2 full page sketches by Emonic/ Emo Gonzales. Such an awesome dude, great stuff. Of course, all signed. The Brothers Gonzales are coming out with a book in a few months and of course I want it so bad :)
  • - A major chunk of the RorschaschEntertainment catalogue (included Dietrich's Industriacide, Fervor, Mess, his sketch book, but somehow missed Catalepsy. Godammit) Writing to him to ask for it. And of course, all signed copies :)
  • - Neil Gaiman's 1602 complete run.
  • - Alan Moore's SMAX, full run.
  • - Ted McKeever's Industrial Gothic, full run.
  • - Kyle Baker's Plastic Man 1-6.
  • - Eric Powell's Goon TPB, signed, from the ComicBookLegalDefenseFund.
  • - Frank Miller's CBLDF tshirt (be awed, I command you).
  • - Captain A-Hole by Mike Hampton. Not very good production. But also got a "I love hot zombie hot chicks" tshirt from him, which is pretty awesome.
  • - All Star Batman and Robin 1-5. Miller's going mad.
  • - Pearl Jam Winnipeg Summerfest '93 bootleg DVD.
And I also got John Dolmayan, the drummer of System Of A Down to sign my mp3man. SO AWESOME. I'm sure it'll fade off after a while, but hey, cool while it lasts :) Hopefully will stay in one piece till I hit Hyd and can show off. Now why was Dolmayan at a comic convention? One look at his drumkit should answer that. (Artist details in this pic) I'll give details and my own pics later.

Way too much money, I know. But for once I can afford, so shut up.

Pics of loot soon.