"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

May 24, 2007

In an alternate life I would...

...use paper cups and food coloring to color sand, then powder it and use a transparent fixative and more paints to make a mixed media poster, complete with collages from xeroxes of grunge album covers.

...take a week off after working for 5-6 consecutive weekends, and spend that time watching 90's flicks, listening to electronica and finish learning how to play the lead to Return to Serenity, while fixing the lighting in the bedroom so that only yellow light prevails, no bulbs are directly seen, so that nothing interferes with me dreaming about the Zeta Reimann hypothesis.

...learn how to cook, and then cook.

...listen to the entire Melvins discography, after removing my registrations from all online social communities, excluding GoogleGroups.

...fold clothes, hang a solitary bulb in the cupboard, then log on to the net, and continue my futile search for Malini Sharma.

...design my webapp that would automate stock portfolio selection, and then sell it to Meryll Lynch or somebody, after which I'd take a trip to Gokarna and then hike my way from there back to Manipal.

...photograph you.

...tattoo the mandarin for 'no-thing' on my right shoulder back, condition my hair, get a bandanna, make the band with vijeth, and spend the rest of the year looking for a vocalist.

...buy more guitars, and wall stands for them, and a lot of polish, and slinky strings, and a korg ax3000g, build my own amp, and give the neighbors a lot to complain about.

...finish writing the friggin' book, attempt to get it published, then get a tshirt printed that says "hey, atleast I tried"

...still be a webapp/UI designer at age 23 :)

[update: other than the last one, that looks like a pretty decent list of things to do before 'm 25, no? ]


The Bay Area has been great so far. I've seen a lot, done so much, and still managed to not go anywhere near the touristy stuff that the place is all 'woohoo' for. Saw a movie (grindhouse) at AMC theater in a mostly empty theater, been buying lots of loot, doing some good work at the office, saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Guster LIVE, and a fabulous fireworks show at Pier 32, overloading on cds (Vijeth, got you Jerry Cantrell's Degradation Trip, but I think I might want to keep it for myself :P ) discovered bandanas and how exactly to tie them (considering I can't really afford a haircut) , cycled along the coast, saw a jazz saxophone player/ blues guitarist/ falafel stand in a train station, and so on. I also saw my first, second and third comic book stores, loved them. I've seen so much graffiti, lots of foreign food, almost gotten used to toilet paper, and that switches flick up instead of down, and decided that Indian food in the US sucks.

[For the record Gold Flake Kings pwns Marlboro. ]

Ok, enough. See you guys later. This weekend, the sister's coming down, we'll probably head for Napa valley, and I think she might be getting me a Wii :)


Kini said...

Right till the end I was all "Where's the wii? Where's the wii?" and then... I breathed a sigh of relief.

P.S: M is NOT going to be happy about this! *widegrin*

HelterSkelter said...

Salve Inepte !
Quid agis ?
Fortasse, Dolent sed gaudent .
Me diu Celiam Exspecto.
Ave Asine !

HelterSkelter said...

No, Seriously. When the hell are you back ?
I would have killed, to have come along.
Maybe some other time, huh ?
(never really tried to understand where to put the freaking commas in english but the grammar in my latin post should be accurate.Hopefully )

aMoo. said...

:| i'm so uncool.

i understood only this from the post:

* that you're having fun
* you're doing a lot of hypothetical thinking things
* you're mixing that up with your to-do list
* your sister loves you

and no way will you get me on camera.