"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

May 12, 2007


Our hero sobbed on her shoulder, his best friend of all time, not yet completely sure of what he was feeling, while all she was saying was "let it out, let it all out"

He sniffed back a vagrant thought and suddenly spoke, "All this time, I kept thinking of her heart as a castle of ice, battled by the very world that she strove to srvive in. And I couldn't hold her in my hands, nor let her down, because that would make her melt or break."

"And I chose to be the coward of forever, by simply running away with excuses of not being able to do it anymore. Was it fear, was it cowardice, was it a simple instinct to protect myself from the responsibility that the world threw on me? Perhaps all."

"And yet I couldn't see that while I was projecting all this bullshit onto her, I was simply a castle of sand, and all that it would take was a mild wave of words to break me into pieces and destroy me and everything I was made of."

(I really need to get back to finishing my damn book. Found this, seemed... apt. Edited for brevity.)

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Citrus said...

I want to say that I've missed the writer. But I would rather not have said anything at all.