"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

May 30, 2007

random photo

John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana. Look, it almost seems like she's not even touching the floor. Which could be true, for all you know.

I loved her, and I know you did too :)

Of that evening -

It was at the White House in 1985 and President Reagan's wife Nancy came over to whisper: 'I have a request from the princess. It was always her big dream so would you dance with her?'Travolta plucked up courage and, as he took to the floor with 24-year-oldDiana, the other dancers left and the band played a medley of his movie songs.

He said: "We were alone with the world watching.

"She started to dance kind of strongly. So I gently pressed her hand down and put my other hand on her waist. It was to say 'let me lead because I know what I'm doing'. She got the message and we went to town."

"We had the time of our lives. When it was over she bowed to me and I to her."

[Thanks Kini, for the text]

May 29, 2007


A big bundle of photos from Napa and Bay Area from the past month and a half. Ok bye, later.


May 27, 2007


Took hajar photos on the Napa Valley trip, here's one. More later.

May 26, 2007


so get this
I have the wii now, right?
and it's beautiful
full got extra controllers and all
the fuckin' TV in the hotel doesn't have input jacks :S
~the end~

May 24, 2007

In an alternate life I would...

...use paper cups and food coloring to color sand, then powder it and use a transparent fixative and more paints to make a mixed media poster, complete with collages from xeroxes of grunge album covers.

...take a week off after working for 5-6 consecutive weekends, and spend that time watching 90's flicks, listening to electronica and finish learning how to play the lead to Return to Serenity, while fixing the lighting in the bedroom so that only yellow light prevails, no bulbs are directly seen, so that nothing interferes with me dreaming about the Zeta Reimann hypothesis.

...learn how to cook, and then cook.

...listen to the entire Melvins discography, after removing my registrations from all online social communities, excluding GoogleGroups.

...fold clothes, hang a solitary bulb in the cupboard, then log on to the net, and continue my futile search for Malini Sharma.

...design my webapp that would automate stock portfolio selection, and then sell it to Meryll Lynch or somebody, after which I'd take a trip to Gokarna and then hike my way from there back to Manipal.

...photograph you.

...tattoo the mandarin for 'no-thing' on my right shoulder back, condition my hair, get a bandanna, make the band with vijeth, and spend the rest of the year looking for a vocalist.

...buy more guitars, and wall stands for them, and a lot of polish, and slinky strings, and a korg ax3000g, build my own amp, and give the neighbors a lot to complain about.

...finish writing the friggin' book, attempt to get it published, then get a tshirt printed that says "hey, atleast I tried"

...still be a webapp/UI designer at age 23 :)

[update: other than the last one, that looks like a pretty decent list of things to do before 'm 25, no? ]


The Bay Area has been great so far. I've seen a lot, done so much, and still managed to not go anywhere near the touristy stuff that the place is all 'woohoo' for. Saw a movie (grindhouse) at AMC theater in a mostly empty theater, been buying lots of loot, doing some good work at the office, saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Guster LIVE, and a fabulous fireworks show at Pier 32, overloading on cds (Vijeth, got you Jerry Cantrell's Degradation Trip, but I think I might want to keep it for myself :P ) discovered bandanas and how exactly to tie them (considering I can't really afford a haircut) , cycled along the coast, saw a jazz saxophone player/ blues guitarist/ falafel stand in a train station, and so on. I also saw my first, second and third comic book stores, loved them. I've seen so much graffiti, lots of foreign food, almost gotten used to toilet paper, and that switches flick up instead of down, and decided that Indian food in the US sucks.

[For the record Gold Flake Kings pwns Marlboro. ]

Ok, enough. See you guys later. This weekend, the sister's coming down, we'll probably head for Napa valley, and I think she might be getting me a Wii :)

May 22, 2007

[a letter]

I_ went trekking to the himalayas for a while, and came back and wrote this to a few of her friends. With her permission, posting it -

Its strange to write about my holiday. In some ways I can't remember much of it. [post traumatic stress?] Can't remember details, or the pictures I tried to capture in my mind.

I almost didn't go for the trek. I flew to Delhi, and then caught a fever. Was sick and wondering whether I should not go trekking. Decided I couldn't let the stupid fever not let me do it. Took antibiotics with me.

The base camp was crazy. They had a million rules. It was beautiful, in a cradle of mountains. But this camp was like what Id imagine the army to be like. 5am - Tea. 5 30 am- Something else. 6am Youve to go running for an hour... Things like that.

I haven't had rules lake those to follow in a long time. Ok, who am I kidding. I haven't had rules like those ever!

The water used to be freezing. So cold. It almost burned. I befriended a hotel owner near our camp and Id go there to take a shower. She'd let me do that for free, in her room. really sweet. Got to know lots about her.. including her love story and all that. fell in love with that lil village. You might have fallen in love with it as well.

And, we did rock climbing and basic training and we set off for our trek.
The first day was easy, and we thought it would be a breeze... but it wasn't.

The second day was the worst ever. It rained, we were climbing steep mountains and had not much to hold on to. each step would slip. It was nightmarish, and we were seperated from the group and hoping we were on the right track. Don't seem to remember much of it except the "bloody fucking hell!' feeling

We reached the camp, and Nadine and i got into our tent and laughed hysterically. We were in shock I think. It was a bad bad day and we didn know what to do other than laugh about it. And say stupid things like, 'maybe we should ask daddy to send a helicopter to pick us up'

After that day I developed what Id call 'a newfound fear of the ground' .. would walk at the speed of a tortoise, would look at every step I took twice to ensure it would not fall away under me. I got over it in a few hours, but it was an ugly slow 2 hours. After this day I was mostly happy the rest of the trek.

We saw such beautiful places in the mountains. Hidden. I guess the kind you can never see if you dont climb up to them. And we camped in places that belong in the movies, or maybe that belong to be left untouched. Id hate to see a city in those mountains.. they re so pure. Even the hash people smoke there, must be the kind that provides nirvana. how can it not? Jus out of having been grown there..

We braved hail storms and saw snowfall[my first snowfall!] and bear scares and I once had a dog come sleep on top of me in the middle of the night. It used to be cold and we were far from any comfort. No luxuries. No warm water. No nothing.

Wed drink water that melted off glaciers, and sleep in tents perched at weird angles.
but when the view outside is so beautiful...it really doesn't matter.

I thought Id miss my phone, and my city life and my alcohol and the city girl in me would suffer. Well, she did. but I didn miss any of that stuff. Not really. I wouldnt have minded a hot shower or a loo, but I didn ache for it. Wouldn have minded a shot of alcohol in the cold, but i didn long for it.

I loved it, and I didn wanna come back to the dirty city. Where everything is so jaded. But, yes, by the end of it... my eyes were longing to see a road. Just for the simple fact that Id be able to walk without having to look for a step.

Oh, and on the day we were climbing our highest mountain, my contact lens flew off. I was half blind, and that was a lil difficult.. trekking when I couldnt see. But ppl were helpful. That day of trekking in the snow, we started at 3am cos we needed to climb before the sun started to make the snow melt. Its hard to walk it then.

I just realised this is a super long mail and not even structured well, and all over the place. But I dont have the patience to edit it. So this is what you get.

Am back to my degradant lifestyle.

And my nose got burned, and peeled off!!! Didnt know we need sunscreen in the snow. Apparently it burns bad, and we dont realise it cos its so cold.
I came back tanned and burned from the Himalayas. Go figure!

Anyways, Ill go. This mail is long enough. Haven't managed to adhere to the "keep it short and sweet" rule.

Love Always,

p.s. I was hoping to find some sort of revelation up there. But I guess it doesn't work that way. :)

p.p.s. was it so long that you had to take a pee break in the middle?? lol

p.p.p.s this does warrant atleast a 100 word reply.

p.p.p.p.s. I know a picture is worth a thousand words. I dont have pictures yet, maybe that justifies the thousand words???

p.p.p.p.p.s. Ok, ill get over it.

p.p.p.p.p.p.s. oh and a million more things! :) later, when i spk with you..

May 18, 2007

[random conversation]

"We're hoping it ends well"

I couldn't help but burst out into loud guffaws of laughter. I asked him, what if it starts badly?

"Why, that would mean, we're not even half-done"

Sorry, what?

"Well begun, all that"

But of course.

May 16, 2007


Details later. Sorry haven't updated yet, much to tell, no time to do it. For now though, drool :)

May 13, 2007


lots of updates tomorrow.

May 12, 2007


Our hero sobbed on her shoulder, his best friend of all time, not yet completely sure of what he was feeling, while all she was saying was "let it out, let it all out"

He sniffed back a vagrant thought and suddenly spoke, "All this time, I kept thinking of her heart as a castle of ice, battled by the very world that she strove to srvive in. And I couldn't hold her in my hands, nor let her down, because that would make her melt or break."

"And I chose to be the coward of forever, by simply running away with excuses of not being able to do it anymore. Was it fear, was it cowardice, was it a simple instinct to protect myself from the responsibility that the world threw on me? Perhaps all."

"And yet I couldn't see that while I was projecting all this bullshit onto her, I was simply a castle of sand, and all that it would take was a mild wave of words to break me into pieces and destroy me and everything I was made of."

(I really need to get back to finishing my damn book. Found this, seemed... apt. Edited for brevity.)

May 10, 2007


...turns out Warren (ex-zero guitar god) is back too. And in his newest project, blackstratblues, he's just released the album nights in shining karma... and the whole album is available for full download off his site. Holy shit. Go download now! Amazing guitar work.

[a lot of it is also available off his soundclick page, but screw that, he's offering 192kbps on his site]

Finally, the fucker's back

Vishal Patel just updated. And redid his site, very minor fixes, etc. And while the new post is pretty cool (youtube video of what he's talking about), the coolest update is a link to a letter he got in response to his fusen post.


May 08, 2007

[gawd, he's posting way too many photos]

you wanna see?

May 05, 2007

look mommy, a geek!

Just added a twitter widget to the sidebar, I think that's slightly better when it comes to sharing links, small notes, etc. Look for regular updates there.

[script from here. will style it more as and when. ]

May 04, 2007


drink, eat, mingle, travel, shop, work.

easy peasy.

May 02, 2007

In the land of lego, pi waits for the train while the back of his head explodes in a photon fireworks display

May 01, 2007


  1. My feet are swelling up a little unnaturally.
  2. I've developed a tiny paunch. *tiiiiiny*
  3. I feel the urge to snack at various times of the night, and am very pleased if it's meat, ketchup, chicken pickle, or anything else. As long as it's edible. Day old pack of opened crisps count.
  4. The dryer my throat I feel, the more water I drink. And the more water I drink, the more I think I'm retaining it.
  5. Sometimes. SOMETIMES. I feel like weeping just because Ross broke up with Rachel.

Hey, nobody told me getting to the US would get me pregnant. WTF?!