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March 21, 2007

whitedrongo.com = graphic novels/ comic books/ total squeeness

First, read this post by Beatzo.

Godammit, I said GO READ THAT POST. Trust me, worth it.

Ok, so what that post speaks about is this. whitedrongo.com Started by a good friend of mine, I seriously think this is huge. And it's *almost* live. The kinks are being ironed out, etc. But go see the kind of comics he's stacking up on! There's a copy of Chicken with Plums by Satrapi (Persepolis, etc) there as well! Sandman. Sin city. Buddha. Hellboy. And more, SO MUCH MORE, to come. And there are going to be discounts. And shipping. No more salivating and downloading scans when you can get them in India at affordable rates. I could say more, but what the hey, just go see the damn thing. Looking forward to this A LOT.

whitedrongo.com. Wooha!


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, Is your friend still selling the comics? I went to the site but the online order form is not working.

Rishabh Sharma said...

You need to find your friend Chandrashekhar and tell him to either ship the Books for which he has taken money from innocent internet customers or return the money and close the website.
DO NOT BUY from this whitedrongo.com website!! Its a BIG SCAM!!
I PAID MONEY for this Graphic Novel but never received the delivery!! I ordered online from this page and received an order confirmation. After that I paid the money into this guys account - S Chandrashekar (Account No.: 5499274558) - but never received any confirmation for that or the graphic novel!!!
Again, folks, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS GUY's SCAM!!!
Best of Luck!