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March 18, 2007

They're linked somehow, I'm telling ya...

For those who went to the Iron Maiden concert last night(and I'm sure it rocked)...

Consider exhibit A - A picture of Bruce "TheSiren" Dickinson at the CNN IBN press conference held yesterday (or day before, not sure).
Alright. Now consider exhibit 2, a picture of the adorable Owly.

Is the similarity a coincidence? Huh? HUH? I THINK NOT!


In other news, went for 300 first day first show at IMAX (Giant friggin' screen) with Beatzo-san and loved every minute of it. Because it was awesome. And I'd like to decapitate anyone who thinks otherwise. So there.

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azhar said...

i went for 300 on firday too, can't help wanting to watch it again.