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March 08, 2007


No I'm not going to the damn Iron Maiden concert in Bangalore on the 17th, so stop asking me about it!

:( :( :(

Could you do me a favor, whoever's going there? See, I'm certain they won't let you take in cameras and all, but what with all you young people's (ahem) gadgets built into your phones, etc, can you take photos and/or video clips at the show? Make sure you have a lot of memory available, clean out all your old stuff on the phone, etc and take lots and lots of snaps, small 10 second clips, etc. I'd like to see them once the show is over. I remember I_ calling me from the Satch show and making me listen to 'flying in a blue dream' over static and the screams of a thousand stoned buggers. It was nice. So yeah, send me clips and all. I'll put it all together and make a montage and upload it somewhere. I'll remind you once again in a few days, ok? Thanks in advance.

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