"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

March 31, 2007

[pay heed to warnings]

I have to warn you that the youtube link that ends this post takes you to the most fucked up video you've probably ever seen and it shows a gay Chinese guy in a leather vest and hot pants and shades trying to make 'natto' easy to eat for kids, while continuously thrusting pelvic-ally so don't say I didn't warn you, in large text, that too.



I love old photos. So much more personality they have, no?

March 29, 2007

[thought pop]

So I figured that if 10-20 people link to me with the phrase 'sexy aunty', I can jump in Google search from rank 10 to rank 1.

Huh. Not bad :P

March 27, 2007

Grapes in a glass of wine


[since I've not been writing, and probably won't for a while, here's a post from my previous LJ]

Everybody leaves. Suddenly the whole room seems colder, and the walls emptier than a prostitute's soul. It takes a few seconds to get used to the rapid change of mode, from 'nice chap' to 'nobody'. I feel every fiber of cloth rubbing against my skin, asking me to lose myself to the essence of pure touch, skin vs thread. The phone buzzes in my pocket silently, but I'm too much into the sanctity of self-imposed peace to bother about that. That's right, it feels great to be by myself, falling deeper and deeper into the vicissitudes of a soul that's been corrupted by the world for too long.

A light flashes slowly across the night sky, and the oil refinery skyline seem to be talking to me today. In words I cannot describe, they scream out " ". It's a personal emotion that gives me joy, oh dear lord, what joy! My dear friend the wall lizard takes his own solitary walk across the cupboard, aiming for the poor insect stuck in the corner. Ah, evolution and the food chain.

In my mind, I see my reality. It's a big ugly fish that swallows all the tiny fishes, effortlessly and without mercy. I'm one of those tiny fishes. I truly believe that I'm enveloped by hate, pain, suffering and a multitude of opinions that try to change me, my thought, the way I lead my life. Oh, for one moment of unadulterated thought, where my mind would wander the world as it pleases, away from the artificial metallic air that poisons it. What must I do?

I close my eyes, and flashes of light streak across the mental horizon, with no room for untruths. The patterns they form remind me of the cosmic dance that the stars above perform all by themselves, heeding not the human wants that rule us, nor the needs that define us. Like globules of heaven, the dance continues. On and on...

"Dude, pass the joint."

Huh? Back to the real world. Dammit. Just when I was starting to enjoy myself.

100 - another cool lounge piranha gig poster/shoutout by themselves

[you can't buy writing like this, I tell you. The band's too funny]

Rohan kneels before the monster. The monster laughs monstrously "HAHAHAHAHA". Rohan feels no fear. Just a heightened sense of curiosity. "What the hell is so funny?" he wonders shaking his head.


Rohan was kneeling before Sunil, head bowed low, and offering his thumb as guru dakshina. Moments ago Sunil had demanded it and in the flash of an eye, Rohan had cut it off and offered it without hesitation. Sunil was impressed. He pocketed the thumb and turned around, "Come on band, let's rehearse", he said to the rest of a very shocked Lounge Piranha. And bereft of his primary source of strength - his thumb-ring, Rohan was apprehended by the king's men who were finally able to do what they'd want to do for years - incarcerate Rohinton. After rehearsal, riding home late at night, Sunil decided not to take a thumb home to his family and instead casually chucked it into a nearby lake. And there at the bottom of that lake the thumb-ring lay for years, nay centuries, waiting to possess the next one who wore it, calling out to master Rohinton, who'd wake up in a cold sweat in his cold cell knowing it was somewhere closeby but unable to escape from the security guards who didn't even let him use his cell phone. One day a little troublemaker called College found the ring and put it on, and under its influence he slowly grew into a huge insane monster called Exams. Rohan knew he was in deep trouble and began meditating in his prison cell preparing for the inevitable encounter with his destiny. And so while Exams wreaked havoc in young minds all over the city, Rohan taught himself to levitate and survive without air for 3 days and without food for 3 hours. Exams it was, that made the first move. Burst into the high security prison like a bulldozer gone cuckoo, ate all the electric fences, spat its deadly venom at the security guards, ripped out the iron gates which imprisoned Rohan and confronted him. "You lousy earthling! Kneel before me if you know what's good for you!"

Rohan kneels before the monster. He feels no fear. Just a heightened sense of anticipation. The monster laughs thunderously. Suddenly the bell rings and in a flash Rohan levitates high into the air and cuts off the monster's hand which wears the ring. A horrible inhuman wail pierces the air as the monster falls to the ground dead and defeated. Rohan picks up his ring. He feels no joy as he puts it back on after centuries. Just a heightened sense of reality as he looks around and sees the world as it really is. He picks up his phone and make a call, "Hey mister Abhi, this is Rohan. What time are we jamming?..."

What is? Lounge Piranha LIVE at Maya

When is? Friday, 30th March 2007, 8.30 pm onwards

Where is? Maya, 3rd floor, The Bombay Store, M.G. Rd

How is? 100 bucks entry at the door

Why is? Cos Rohan's killed his exams, is done with college, and we are ready for take-off...

Yours sincerely,


... and www.loungepiranha.com for one cup sykosis...
... and www.myspace.com/loungepiranhamusic for one plate music

March 23, 2007

I get the weirdest fanmail

but I like it, I like it!

[thankfully I know the source of the base-image, it's from the amazing Katie West, who Warren Ellis shows off every week]

Thanks to whoever sent it :)

March 22, 2007

2 guys, a girl

... and a biryani place.

[your awww pic for today]

March 21, 2007

whitedrongo.com = graphic novels/ comic books/ total squeeness

First, read this post by Beatzo.

Godammit, I said GO READ THAT POST. Trust me, worth it.

Ok, so what that post speaks about is this. whitedrongo.com Started by a good friend of mine, I seriously think this is huge. And it's *almost* live. The kinks are being ironed out, etc. But go see the kind of comics he's stacking up on! There's a copy of Chicken with Plums by Satrapi (Persepolis, etc) there as well! Sandman. Sin city. Buddha. Hellboy. And more, SO MUCH MORE, to come. And there are going to be discounts. And shipping. No more salivating and downloading scans when you can get them in India at affordable rates. I could say more, but what the hey, just go see the damn thing. Looking forward to this A LOT.

whitedrongo.com. Wooha!

March 20, 2007

My New Favourite Band

God is an astronaut.
[myspace, flickr]

[thanks to adgy for recommending it on his mixtapes]
[supreme thanks to enno for graciously passing on albums. I'll buy the discs when I can!]

Why I don't use flickr

...because I see words that were never meant to be there.

March 18, 2007

They're linked somehow, I'm telling ya...

For those who went to the Iron Maiden concert last night(and I'm sure it rocked)...

Consider exhibit A - A picture of Bruce "TheSiren" Dickinson at the CNN IBN press conference held yesterday (or day before, not sure).
Alright. Now consider exhibit 2, a picture of the adorable Owly.

Is the similarity a coincidence? Huh? HUH? I THINK NOT!


In other news, went for 300 first day first show at IMAX (Giant friggin' screen) with Beatzo-san and loved every minute of it. Because it was awesome. And I'd like to decapitate anyone who thinks otherwise. So there.

March 15, 2007

random english rant AKA WayTooManyMonkeys

Why, oh why, is Zero plural?

There's One monkey on the tree.

There're Two monkeyS on the tree.

But there can also be zero monkeyS on the tree.


Even "no" is bloody plural! Becase there're no monkeyS on the tree either!

Bloody angrezis.

March 14, 2007

an awesome photo by kumar

His photoblog is here.

story of my life

From Everything

March 13, 2007


March 09, 2007

on leave

Heading to Manipal for 3 days, I'll see you guys on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend!

March 08, 2007


No I'm not going to the damn Iron Maiden concert in Bangalore on the 17th, so stop asking me about it!

:( :( :(

Could you do me a favor, whoever's going there? See, I'm certain they won't let you take in cameras and all, but what with all you young people's (ahem) gadgets built into your phones, etc, can you take photos and/or video clips at the show? Make sure you have a lot of memory available, clean out all your old stuff on the phone, etc and take lots and lots of snaps, small 10 second clips, etc. I'd like to see them once the show is over. I remember I_ calling me from the Satch show and making me listen to 'flying in a blue dream' over static and the screams of a thousand stoned buggers. It was nice. So yeah, send me clips and all. I'll put it all together and make a montage and upload it somewhere. I'll remind you once again in a few days, ok? Thanks in advance.

March 07, 2007


I've never done this before, so why the fuck not.

Goodnight, dear unknown reader, whether you're from Otago University NZ, or from El Segundo California, or some IIT Madras student, or whoever. I wish you deep sleep, and a waking to a morning filled with sunlight and happiness.


March 06, 2007

Gonna get me this tattoo someday...

...and then spend the rest of my life trying to explain to people what it means.

[via BB]

March 04, 2007


[By Terry Bisson, Hugo and Nebula award winner, this one managed to get a Nebula nomination]

"They're made out of meat."


"Meat. They're made out of meat."


"There's no doubt about it. We picked up several from different parts of the planet, took them aboard our recon vessels, and probed them all the way through. They're completely meat."

[read more...]


Tu amor se llevó
todo mi corazón
Y quedo llorando, llorando, llorando, llorando
por tu amor


March 02, 2007

lost and found

Arnab found Vishal Patel :O

HERE (his orkut profile).

Ok, won't obsess about him anymore. Back to Malini Sharma.

Good to know he's not dead though.

March 01, 2007

Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen



[nod nod nod]

more at www.engrish.com