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February 13, 2007

Rahul is a dude.

Rahul Sivaram is my boss' son.

He's also the most amazing comic book artist I know.
Here's why.

Presenting the world's most awesome comic book. (With side commentary by Pi, who's not a cat.)
[Just so you know, you can click on the images to see them a little bigger]This is Fred. Fred's our hero. And while he has a dragon and a ghost-protoplasm thingy as his hero friends, as plain old Fred (secret identity, etc) his friends are just Nameless chick and Tony. They're "The good people".

Hero's house and weapons.
No house.
[such a damn shame]
But awesome weapons. Put them together and you get the hero's mega form. Fuckin' awesome. I mean, SO AWESOME. SO AWESOME. But then again...

JESUS CHRIST! That's the villain, Zodiac. And he has an evil animal form! And he has villipets(TM)! OMFG we're all so F-ed in the A! Look at those weapons! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
No, seriously, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!
[Bonus points if you spotted that he also has no house]

Villain's mega form. The intro is complete. Dum dum da dummm!!!
Once there was a man called Fred, he had super powers.
Once he went to invite his friends for a feast, then suddenly...
Friend1 with serious dental problems - When will he come?
Friend2 - I don't know.
Zodiac - Hahaha! You thought you could escape from Zodiac the great.
[These days, supervillains crash in thru' windows. It's a production thing.]

Fred (in super hero form) - Oh ya, you thought that you could kill us.
(There's a lot of rhetorical shit happening here , folks. Get with the program already.)
Fred- I challenge you to a fight!
Zodiac - Ok.

[The sheer guts of the villain! He just says "ok" like he's going to whoop superfred's ass! Well, he's got another think coming...)
Zodiac - C'mon, let's fight!
[fight sequence]
Fred- Ah!
Zodiac - Yeah.

[such stunning dialogue]
Tony - No fred!

[Fred and Tony're just good friends. I think.]

Fred- Oh no, you don't defeat me!
Zodiac - Oh yeah you say weapons come here, and they come very fast.

[Think Luke Skywalker 'willing' his light saber into his grasp. Only, like, so much cooler. Remember Fred's weapons?]

[flash of light]
Narrator(in his cameo role) - Then suddenly...


Narrator - That was the end of zodiac.


Fuck man, I need a smoke. If you liked this, let me know and I'll put up more.


Scoo said...

Pi, did u notice tht lil red spot in the last stip..man even if tat was unintentional, thts kinda funny..bring on the other strips too

Rajat said...

Heh. Good stuff.

The animal form of that villain resembles Geeko, the SUSE mascot :-).

byker7 said...

you're bucking for a promotion. right?


be a man.

'fess up.

Venu said...

:-)) Made my day!

Full2 Faltu said...

What is the age of this boy? Pretty good imagination I must say


Saturday Night Takeout said...


(8 and A HALF, he reminds me)