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February 23, 2007

chinga tu puta y difunta madre, caberone

[AKA 24 hours of the usual gagagoogoo]

2 in the morning.

I've come back from midnight biryani at Green Park, a stone's throw away from the office, with my new Mexican colleague Tony.
He's decked up in a sherwani, the second he's worn in as many days, and is trying to teach me the language I might just have to learn in a month or so.

chinga tu puta y difunta madre, caberone.

I'm shuffling along the side of the main road when a rickshaw driver *just* about misses me, looks back and screams behen ka lauda followed by what I can only think is alcohol-laced laughter. Or worse.

Gah, caberone.

Earlier today, shared a cigarette with a cop at a grand wedding, which, I'm sure, was attended by about 5 thousand people. He pointed to his sidearm and said in typical Hyderabadi, people don't want to fuck with a man who's taught to murder by the government. He was then summoned away by a man in a dhoti who (I think) signs papers that decide the lives of 8.1 million people a day, give or take. This dhoti-man then smiled at me and thanked me for coming to the wedding, despite the fact that I was in my shiny pants and a culfest t-shirt. Circles, patterns, etc.

Him and his difunta madre, I couldn't care less.

The evening had me shoving my hands into the goo that results from too many people messing with a single CSS-JS-XHTML app. And fixing, fixing, fixing. Designed a new user interface for a product that's going to be yet another AJAX woohoo-that's-cool-level product in a month or so.

Morning had me staring at a VISA application that asked me if I was ever trained in the military. I wanted to write "I wish it was true", from a Rang De Basanti hangover that's refusing to go away. Didn't.

Tony pulls out a pinch of complimentary saunf that he's pocketed earlier and smiles at a prize he's glad he saved for later. This from a man who works simultaneously on a mac and a pc. La Perdida was SO WAY OFF.

Good to make friends. And to think 24 hours ago I was hoping for something interesting to happen. Heh :)

[Small wav link of mexican phrase. Funny it is.]


Beatzo said...

Todo sobre mi madre, y tu Mama Tambien.

Hasta la vista.


Venu said...

hey, if you get to mexico, join the hordes and get over here :)

oh, and Green Park Biryani! *Sigh*

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