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February 02, 2007

A "special" book

Couple of days ago,I'm walking all the way back from NagarjunSagar circle to the office, which is a good 3 km.
I have a mission.

I glance both ways, and cross the road to the first bookstore, nearly getting run over by a car that's decided that traffic signals are just nice blinky lights that don't mean anything. But I can't complain, I have my own illegal little secret, and I can't let anyone find out about it. Not yet.
I walk into the store, and surreptitiously ask the clerk for the section where they keep the "special" books.

"Top floor to the right, sir, in the corner"

Good. No one will see me. I go there, sit down, and start scanning. They don't have it. I mean, they have all sorts of cheap substitutes, written by amateurs who know there's always a sucker who wouldn't mind the substitute. So yeah, fuck, they don't have it. And it's been ages since I bought myself one of such quality, I'm not willing to compromise. I mean, sure, I'm tempted to buy the faff, but not today, no way.

The second store's a km down the road. And they don't have it either.

This was 2 days ago. I reach home, have dinner, lock myself in the room, and feel so lonely.

Yesterday was a day filled with phone calls. I call up 6 different stores, and NONE of them have it.

And then I call the 7th.
"Sir, yes sir, but it's our last copy, would you like to come now and pick it up?"

But of course, dumbass.
I get a ride from a friend into Ameerpet, a really seedy section of the city. On the 1st floor of some rundown building, my destiny awaits. I walk in. I look at him, hem and haw, hello I called a while ago, about, y'know, THAT book?

"To the right sir, in the corner".

But of course. I run. And there, in "the corner", I find it.

O' Reilly's Javascript, the definitive guide, 5th edition, by David Flanagan.

I swear, I had to control myself to not touch myself in public.
Mmm, core javascript complete reference, client javascript complete reference.


Life as a geek is goooooood.


Rajat said...

LOL. Nice twist in the end.

For Javascript, I just used the W3 schools tutorial. Of course, I needed only some basics. But nothing can beat O'Reilly stuff.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Twist? What twist? Dude, I've seriously started feeling this way about techie shit.
In fact, I'm *probably* secretly wanking off to some XHTML 1.0 Strict goodness.


Anonymous said...

Hello pi!

How have u been ? any luck finding Vishal Patel ?

Saturday Night Takeout said...

No, But I did make myself a VP widget :) All else has been good.

Um, who are you? Just asking.

Jeevan Ramakrishna said...

Congrats, on finding the book.
Maybe you will like this too;
But, I hate JavaScript. :)

Indus Creep said...

v nive story...but you didnt find this book on projectw?

Gutterflower said...

OMG. I was in love with the exact same book. At the exact same time. I reissued it from the library thrice until they wouldnt let me reissue it anymore. Then I slept with it under my pillow and refused to return it. =)