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January 09, 2007


[kamal writes...]

Sunil Chandy was grooving. He was at a Lounge Piranha rehearsal watching Rohan intently, picking up all the bass parts he would have to play in place of Rohan in the coming weeks. At the moment Rohan was on fire,stretching his bass playing abilities to their limits. Everyone was impressed. "Now where'd you learn to slap and pop like that young man? Just curious...", asked Sunil. "From you Sunil. From watching you day and night for three years", Rohan replied bowing respectfully. "Is that right? And what have I gotten for everything you've learnt from me?", to which Rohan didn't have much of an answer. "Do you not think I deserve guru dakshina?", Sunil persisted. "Of course you do", Rohan replied."Well how 'bout that very talented right thumb of yours. Do you not think that would be fitting?". Without a moment's hesitation Rohan chopped off his thumb, went down on one knee and presented it to him .And pocketing it with a satisfied smile, Sunil turned around to face a very shocked rest-of-Lounge-Piranha and said, "Come on band let's rehearse"


Seagrams Fuel Bandwagon - Lounge Piranha feat. Sunil Chandy on bass


Maya, Wednesday, 10th Jan 2007 [Bombay Store, MG Rd]

Hint, Friday, 12th Jan 2007 [Bangalore Central


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I doesn't know

Horn ok please?

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