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December 28, 2007

mixtape 2


[60.2 mb]

1. Explosions In The Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone (10:14)
2. laura - it's kind of like the innocent smiles you get at the start of a relationship before you fuck everything up (4:36)
3. *Shels - Wingsfortheirsmiles 2 (5:01)
4. Gary Hoey - peace pipe (5:07)
5. Ayreon - 20 - Day Twenty - Confrontation (7:03)
6. Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) (11:21)
7. Irepress - Samus (4:59)

Mixtape 1 still available here.

Have a happy new year, junta.

December 20, 2007

The Lover’s Embrace of Arp 87

From Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2007

December 18, 2007

[Ganked from the RSJ facebook group, pass it along to anyone you know who might be interested.]


Send In Entries By: Jan 29th 2008

All entries must be sent in an AUDIO CD format, no compressed audio formats please.

Accompanying the CD, there must also be PRINTOUTS of the band profile, worded properly, without the use of slang, needless CAPS & definitely no SMS like language. The profile must contain valid contact information of ALL the band members, with valid phone numbers & e-mail addresses.

There should also be a CD containing said profile, and HI-RES photos of group shots of the band.

Please send it in by courier, in a well padded envelope to prevent damage of the CD.


86/1, 3rd Building, 1st Floor
Shahpur Jat
New Delhi - 110049
Ph: 011-26497944/45

Please note: This is not a competition entry, it's merely the best way we've found to hunt for some of the best talent in the country. However, these items ARE required for the festival - in magazine coverage, booklet, festival CDs and other promotional tools pertaining to the festival.

I wish we had enough stuff recorded for this by now, but sigh, next year maybe, eh Vijeth? :)

December 12, 2007

That mom of mine...

...she can be such an embarrassment, I swear it. And this isn't normal "oh look at my son in the diaper photo" level stuff. Heck, that's calamari compared to the stuff my mom gets into. Like the other day.

I'm out shopping with her, right? Dad's managed to sucker me into giving her company while she buys saree lengths and blouse material and jewellery for the extended family. Dad managed to come up with an excuse that sounded plausible at the time, but I think just because he's a doctor, we believe any emergency he comes up with. Besides, how can a patient of his have a haemorrhoid of the foot? (Is that even possible?) And there was the time he had to rush off because a patient was having loose motions while walking around and just couldn't seem to find the keys to his house. You'd think my dad was having an affair, what with the excuses he comes up with. Hey, good for him I say, but damn he needs to be more creative in coming up with the shit, no? But I digress...

So yeah, I'm with mom. And I'm shutting up with the mp3man in my ears, Mirinda(which I obsess over), and the moleskine as ever, writing down stuff that fancies my interest. Can't blame me, it's already been 3 hours, and after you've had chai at one saree shop, you've had the chai in all... ah forget it. Let me just get to what to what happened.

We're stepping out, and this girl whizzes past me. From what I see, she's got a ponytail, specs, churidar. And she's RUNNING. And behind her, there are about 10 people running. Grownups. One of them has a stick in his hand that he's waving. And they're all screaming at her in some vague south Indian language. (I'm guessing Malayalam? Tamil? I get confused between the 2.)

The next action of mine is purely reflex. I throw the mp3man in my mom's direction, the Mirinda on the floor, and start running towards her. I can't let the crowd get to her before me. I sprint for about 10 seconds before I stop. Mom sees me having conversation with the guy brandishing that stick and I walk back slowly.

"Son, what the fuck?!"
[Ok, so she'd never say "what the fuck", but that was the exact sentiment]
"Nothing ma, forget it"
"Why the bloody hell were you chasing that woman. Do you know her?"
"Really ma, you should just forget about it. Are you done with shopping? Let's go home."
"So you're not going to tell me?"
"No, and you should stop asking"

She looks at me for a second, with that typical look mothers get when they think they should be knowing more about their sons.
I hate that look. And not just because it pisses me off. It's because I know what will come next.

She drops her bags. Her purse. And runs behind the woman.

Flashback to about 20 years ago. I'm 4 years old, and I'm staring up at all the athletic trophies on the wall. And my dad is porcine (to put it mildly), so I'm in awe of Mom. It's where I get the long legs from, and will always be the reason I can't ever find jeans that freakin' fit. But damn, apparently my mom could run! "She fell for my good looks" will become Dad's common line at the family parties, which will always make everybody laugh their guts out, and we'll all raise a toast to it and say "to the Pai family, as odd as they are!" etc etc

Flashback to now (reverse flashback? call it what you want)
Mom's running. Sprinting in her own churidar. And I mean she's RIPPING across lengths and getting closer to the girl I tried to reach.
And huffing and puffing and with 4 full bags and the mp3man and the earphones dangling and my beloved mirinda vaguely held with 2 fingers and frothing with all the shaking many lengths behind mom, is me. I got the legs, but not the speed. The smoking habit also doesn't help. And I'm SWEARING. FUCK FUCK FUCK, MY MOM'S LOST IT AAARGHHHHH.

Mom turns a bend... and finds the bunch having a laugh. Girl, 10 people, all of them. And of course my mom's confued. She catches her breath (in like, 2 seconds) and quietly goes up to the girl, and has a conversation which vaguely went like this (or so I'm told later)
"Um, hello girl, what's your name?"
The girl looks up, mouth chomping on gum, "Anisha"
"Oh, okay, and are these people troubling you?"
"Eh? MamaPapa would never do that. Why're you asking me this and all and who are you"
"Me? Oh relax, I just saw my son running behind you and was wondering why..."
"Your son?"
"Well yeah, his name's Sunil, Do you know him? He's a handsome boy, all of 24 years, such a good boy... Oh look, there he comes"

[at which point I just about reach, still gasping for breath, the walking definition of 'a complete mess', and I see my mom talking to these people, and my eyes narrow. Like duh, I'm not pleased at all, godammit. I'm considering doing the whole "Sorry folks, she's just a crazy lady who forgot her meds" routine, but it's kinda tough when you're a walking-talking genetic copy of the woman.]

"Chee, I don't know him, he looks so dirteeee"
[Godammit, rejected by a stranger. This is not the best of days. I think a court would excuse me if I killed my mom. "Grounds of massive embarassment and permanent mental scarring, your honour!"]
"Really child, you don't know him? Oh. And you there, why were you threatening my son with the stick then huh HUH?"
Wizenly old man, looks up with gandalfian smile, "Who me?"
At which point of time I do the only thing I can, I grab my mom's hand, throw away the fizzed up bottle of Mirinda (I pity the fool who tries to open it now) and walk away, with my mom blubbering "But... but..."
Later that evening.
Mom's cooked a grand dinner. Prawns. Chicken. That Gujarati Dal. Onion Baji. Sabudana Kheer. All that.
And it's all piled up in a giant mess on my plate (the way I like it) , but I'm not touching it. I'm all frowny. Mom has made a fool of herself again, and damned if it's one time too many. Dad's not even around, apparently some patient of his fell down the stairs on the way up to his roof to commit suicide. Whatever. Tonight I'm just angry with mom.

She pleads, "But son, what was I supposed to do?"
"Well, you could have trusted your son and just NOT RUN, MAYBE?"
"Well, I had to do something..."
"Yes, NOT RUN behind the girl!"
"C'mon son, you know me better than that, I'd have died of curiosity"
"Look ma, let me explain it to you then. If I see a mob chasing a girl on the streets, I will run after her too, to make sure I reach her before the mob gets to her. I may not make it, and the world will continue turning, but I will always try to reach the woman and make whatever attempt I can of saving her from them. This YOU taught me, to defend the weak, etc. Let there be 10 people, let there be 200, I will always ALWAYS try to make sure she's in no harm. Sure I miss Manipal where this kind of thing would never happen, but we're not there anymore, we're in a town where this shit happens. And because you and dad taught me to behave in a certain manner that's RIGHT, I will always do so."
"Yes, but..."
"Let me finish. Today, that is exactly what happened. And I ran, lungs blazing, all that. But then I noticed that they weren't screaming or angry at her, they were just kinda laughing. She was just a young kid messing with her folks and relatives and whoever. Some stupid prank. Heck, even I've made you chase me as a kid, it's what kids do. The old man explained this to me, in his funny broken English, and I got the message. I left them alone. And I knew you wouldn't understand, so I just hoped we could leave quietly"
"But her old mama had a stick..."
"Lots of people carry sticks, ma. They use it to walk. They use it to shoo away dogs. Some, and this may sound surprising to you, carry it around because it looks cool. Very few people carry around CARVED EXPENSIVE WALKING STICKS just to beat up people!"
"Ok fine fine, no need to get worked up about it, sheesh. I'm proud of you and all, but now you're just being a little pussy"
[aaargh] "The next time I say, let's go home, you'll listen to me and not embarass me, right?"
"Sure sure. Now eat, I don't want my apology food to go to waste"
[grunt] [chomp chomp]



wait a minute


"Ma, how'd you know he was her uncle, especially that he was her maternal uncle?"


"Ma, you didn't find out their number and call them again wondering if I'd gotten her pregnant or something, right? Ma, please tell me you didn't call them."



[/fiction, but yes, my mom's funny]

And why am I not posting that often these days?

While I could make up other reasons...

I'm just sick of the mental masturbation all of you are going through. I prefer my moleskine right now for jotting down tabs, notes, random conversation; thank you very much.

Hey, mail me and we can talk. Promise.

[this is me being pretentious]

December 04, 2007

Guitar modes

[if you've ever wanted to know]

Post #1

T*** wrote on Dec 2, 2007 at 11:10 AM.
Ya i've read so much stuff on modes and i have no idea whats going on. Can someone explain modes to me in english. thanks.

Post #2
J*** replied to T***'s post on Dec 2, 2007 at 11:38 AM.
The easiest way to think of modes is,

The C major scale, (Ionian)

C D E F G A B C,

If you use the same 7 notes but this time starting on D you get,

The D Dorian Scale, (Minor scale with raised 6th)

D E F G A B C D,

Then starting on E you get The E Phrygian scale, (Minor Scale with flattened 2nd)

E F G A B C D E.

The F Lydian scale, (Major scale with a raised 4th)


The G Mixolydian, (Major scale with a flattened 7th, So it works over dominant chords)


The A Aeolian scale, ( this is the same as the A minor scale)


The B Lydian Scale ( This is A minor scale with a flattened 2nd and flattened 5th, it works over diminished chords)


Basically the modes of the C major scale are using all the same 7 notes from the C major scale, but each scale starts on a different note, This works in all different keys as well. If you played used the notes in the key of F# and played B C# D# F F# G# A# B, you would've played B Lydian. I hope this helps. Did you notice that the order of the scales/modes goes, major, minor, minor, major, major, minor, diminished? This is the same as harmonizing the chords of the major scale.

[ganked from this facebook discussion]

November 29, 2007


[sneak peek, etc]

November 26, 2007

I'm looking for web developers/ designers

If you are OR if you know anyone with skills in one or more of the following, dash me a resume with samples of your work or a portfolio or ANYTHING.

AJAX, JavaScript, Photoshop (or any graphic design tool), HTML, CSS.

Specifically looking for net-savvy people with decent design aesthetics.
Must be willing to relocate to Hyderabad, and the pay package is quite good.

It's urgent. Refer somebody and there might be a bonus in it for you.

threepointone at gmail dot com

Thanks for your time.

November 24, 2007

The first result on searching facebook for 'javascript'

November 23, 2007

touching touching

you touch me
I go ooh
you poke my side
I go ooh

ooh ooh baby the way you touch me
I go ooh ooh baby baby
and I can't help thinking
I've been touched

stop touching me bitch, it's not polite

[let's be silly, it's that kind of weekend]

November 21, 2007

Vintage Indian Advertisements

This deserved a post on its own. Massive massive collection of Print ads from the 70's, 80's and 90's; from my scrabble buddy Meghna. Go see, children!

Link Link Link.

November 14, 2007

[random comic fix]

mommy says this reminds her of me :|

November 04, 2007

Mixed emotions; my mind's buzzing with all these feelings I wish to express, but I have no idea how to...

:) :D XD :S :| :P

November 01, 2007

Bruce is keeping his word!!!

Iron Maiden promised that they'd be back to India within in a year.

And they're gonna, it's official :) :) :) :) Feb 1st, Mumbai!!!

The band will be flying into Mumbai from the UK on a specially commissioned and customised Boeing 757, flown by Astraeus Airline Captain and Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, then leaving the day after the show for Australia.

Wow. MAIDENNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! More details here.
Thanks Mommy for the tip!

October 28, 2007

This is your anus...

...as seen by the voyager II.

[chuckle. couldn't resist, sorry]

October 27, 2007

[geek note]

Made a patch where now, if there are are links in my twitter-powered stoopitnotes© (see, it's in my sidebar), they now automatically become links which will open in a new window, so that you don't have to copy paste it to a new browser tab.

The things I do for you.

October 26, 2007

this shit never ends

Apparently this water cures your diseases, gets you eyesight back, reduces blood pressure, PAYS OFF YOUR DEBTS, SAVES YOUR SOUL, SAVES YOUR MARRIAGE, etc etc.


I didn't know religious-zealot slang for LSD was "Spring Water"
(Doing the bunny ears thing with fingers)

October 25, 2007


Gay Indian man with a tilak and a red turban and shawl and shady moustache on Oprah discussing how most gay Indian men are forced to marry women.
The money quote?

Oprah: "So, what did you do on your first night?"
He:"I told her I had a headache".

[funny funny]

I'm not shitting you, this is happening on TV right now.

I give up.

PS: Just to note, nothing against gay people. Heck, I support it. I think it makes me uncomfortable because it's something I don't relate to. But that's exactly the same way I feel around guys who go in for arranged marriages. Good for you, not for me, that sort of thing. What DOES get my goat is how Oprah's making a public spectacle of this. Our representation in this country is comprised of Aishwarya Rai, who makes a fool of herself in English interviews; South Indian software engineers who're either hitting on the "blonde kudi who's so definitely a slut macha", or lugging their 8 month pregnant wives across the world to the BayArea just so that their children get US citizenship (both true stories I can confirm), corrupt politicians, our neighbours on the map, all that. Fuck this shit. Like a friend recommended, the next time a white man tells me I have good English (happened twice already), I'll look at his chubby little face and say "Yeah, you too".

October 23, 2007

Our Ancestral Mind in the Modern World: An Interview with Satoshi Kanazawa

One example of this is that when we watch a scary movie, we get scared, and when we watch porn we get turned on. We cry when someone dies in a movie. Our brain cannot tell the difference between what’s simulated and what’s real, because this distinction didn’t exist in the Stone Age.
Bloody interesting interview. Go see.

October 18, 2007

GapingVoid + Pi?

I sent a photo I'd taken to one of my heroes Hugh MacLeod, and he actually posted it on his blog.

[it's a day for smiles]

Oh, and if you don't know who he is, I suggest you read this (his favorite own-post).

More on the Blue Monster.

October 17, 2007

The resemblance is startling

what is the koschen

My Mommy(kinda)/PerkyPinkPirate/anotherlamexcuse got interviewed by desicreative.com, and it got published today. Excerpt:

Did you always want to get into advertising?
Chronological order of my wish list:
Age 1: Barf Queen
Age 3: Piss-control Queen

Entire interview here. Yay!

October 12, 2007

bought some stuff

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top (Transparent Blue Quilt top)

Also, the Korg AX3000g I had ordered on my last trip FINALLY came in.Neat rocking combo :)

Also picked up a deep candy blue Jackson RR3 for Vijeth.
Man, this stuff looks pretty impressive in one place.

October 10, 2007

As he called it, "Wikiorrohoea"

threepointone: :)
oh which reminds me
karbage: what ?
threepointone: there's this video of this busty chick playing vai's die to live
I'll show you
hang on
hot chick
she even wears shades for kicks :)
karbage: oh yeah and I saw this gothic looking scandinavian chick playing the guitar the other day
fucking scary man
I hate women who play better than I do
threepointone: lol
karbage: clicked on link
will take time
threepointone: haha
karbage: haha: this is vai with breast implants
threepointone: lol
heck, I'd do her :P
karbage: haven't seen her yet
threepointone: just the chest?
or a comment?
karbage: yeah and the ibanez headstock
yeah she is hot
look a bit like VAI too
threepointone: it's the shades man :)
and smart woman has left a fan on too
THAT seems hot
all hair flying around and all
karbage: yup
Fuck what a sorry situation
threepointone: haha
we're wanking off to youtube
we're pathetic
karbage: reduced to looking at women on youtube
threepointone: [but damn, she's fiiiine]
karbage: yup we are
you can say that again

[partner in crime karbage here.]

October 09, 2007

Just finished reading the 2 issue Hitman/JLA series

...and it was awesome. I have no words. A must-read for fans of the Hitman character.

October 07, 2007


Twice this year I've had the same dream. Ok, the story/plotline were different for both, but the idea was the same. See if you can help me out with this.

It starts off in a dark room, and a bulb slowly gains light to throw detail onto the walls, almost forming reality in real time, fluid walls and lamps, and chairs and a carpet and things that couldn't have been there before when the darkness had it enveloped. And the light shows a detail that pretty much negates everything else in the room, and draws your eyes to it. A dead body. With a cartoony red monotone blood stain that's slowly spreading, very ver yslowly across a carpet that is going to be hell to clean. And in walks a sterotypical 4 star hotel maid, light blue blouse, white apron, black shoes (flats) ...and she screams as soon as she sees the body.

This scene repeats at the beginning of both dreams. Detail for detail, second for second.
As does this next segment. My wrists are pulled back, I can hear a deafening click of handcuffs as I'm pushed into a van of some sort, and I can feel the blue and red lights all over my peripheral vision.

Anyway, so I'm booked for murder of X. And the dreams kinda diverge here, because they're 2 separate murder mysteries. They're not terribly complex, they're kinda run of the mill, and the whole dream pieces clues and hints together, and in a final climatic moment, it hits me who the real murderer is, I declare it aloud, I save my skin, etc.

And then I wake up with sweat pouring off my face like it's noon in the amazon. I'm ridiculously scared. Because it makes no sense, no sense at all.

All dreams are manufactured in the mind, yes? So in other words, all the details for this dream are being put together in my head, whether or not they're in response to memories I've made during the day, or repressed ideas, or whatever. So that would mean that I'm quite in knowledge of what's being made, yes?

SO how come I didn't know who the murderer was until the last scene?! Don't expect me to believe that by fluke I constructed a scenario with only one possible answer/solution and it all just "fell into place".

Madness, I tell you. Twice!

October 04, 2007

coincidence? I think not!

Google's first result for the word 'fraindship' is kini's blog.

And it's a post that I wrote.

Ladies and Germs, I have arrived.

September 29, 2007


By Kendrick Mar

September 27, 2007

[cannot help but laugh]

[found on deviantart]

September 26, 2007

[what passes for literature nowadays]


we guys are very much attracted to gizmo ...all of us have desire to aquire the latest and the best gadget avilable ..but here i m talking about somthing different may be silly but this gizmo is ancient as much as our human history and will last till end of human race .Here i m talking about "girl friend ". definately it has the potential to influnce (affect) our life style and very important our thinking also.let us take the case of our nit,here gf is a prized possesive gizmo with bunking saturday sunday holiday .after all here no one would give you a more than a cursory look to your techno style look .in other hand gettiing a nice gadget (girl) you you become more cool more famous ..a good percentage of nit popullation know you by face they may have your ur branch and year also .A huge popularity indeed like you have got an karizma. but here as gizmo are short the customer has to suffer the most .here i m describing some incident .one of my friend got into net gizmo searching and found one at New Delhi .thanks to c.c.f. .The deal was done until other bidder 4m that same ccf play the spoil sport and cancelling my friend auction .after that my frind got a trauma and his addiction to net fadded a way .thanks to his good friend . Another of my friend completed his first anniversary of gadget following , and according to me he might end up celebrating his 4th anniversary. annother pretty serious case where the customer try to acquire a gadget which one is not 4 sale (one sided ).that customeer suffered too much 4 nothing both mentally and monetary (fine ) .Mass of the beginer are now looking at the latest market (1st yearties)many of them wanting to smooch theire loved ones at eifeltower like that of in MP3 movie .good news for them as surat provide it right here at parle point Okguys don"t worry about the parents go ahead and take your time .from rest many are still searching on the net best of luk 4 them . And 4 my gadget community customer still prefer quality over beauty and longlasting over style ,and last at mesmerised by their beauty customer are bound to suffer loose may be in form of money ,time or even cgpa .

[credit: gutterflower]

September 20, 2007

This middle eastern dude has a very cool portfolio. Go see.

Am currently busy and happy. Hope you guys are too. Later.

September 10, 2007

[crazy weekend I cannot believe the shit me and the polar bear just got into the bay area is just crazy if you just go out and look]

gah. need sleep and sobreity.

September 04, 2007

the bay area

...is an area around a bay.

big friggin whoop.

August 29, 2007

[killing time]

[all from ubarchives]

August 25, 2007


Fuck them. If what they're looking for is attention, they're not going to get it from me.

August 24, 2007

since everyone's doing it...

not sure if you see the similarity, but I do, and it scares me

[father and son]

August 23, 2007


Since the tickets are in, I might as well announce it now.

Heading back to the bay area on the 31st of this month :)


[generally happy]

August 21, 2007

been in hyderabad...

...for exactly one year.

August 16, 2007

cracked :)

(via adgy)

August 14, 2007

please, STFU


MOST times.

I'd just like everybody to stand very still.

Not forever or anything. And I'll join in. Just take a minute out your day, where everyone just shuts up, and sits/stands/lies down without making a single noise. All together now, ready? One, two...

August 10, 2007

[third weekend in a row]

This weekend, Bangalore. See you Monday.

I subscribe to a few daily mailing lists, notably Warren Ellis' BAD SIGNAL, and the WSJ OpinionJournal BEST OF THE WEB TODAY by James Taranto. Of the latter, I must say it's the best reading I get to do on a daily basis. A lot of it is US-Politics based, so I might not relate completely, but it's a fabulous read anyway. I'd like to share one item I just read in today's edition.

How Much Is That Doggess in the Window?
"The New York City Council, which drew national headlines when it passed a symbolic citywide ban earlier this year on the use of the so-called n-word, has turned its linguistic (and legislative) lance toward a different slur: bitch," reports the New York Times:

The term is hateful and deeply sexist, said Councilwoman Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn, who has introduced a measure against the word, saying it creates "a paradigm of shame and indignity" for all women. . . .

The measure, which 19 of the 51 council members have signed onto, was prompted in part by the frequent use of the word in hip-hop music.

As a New York-based wordsmith, we are of course vexed by the City Council's efforts to restrict our vocabulary. Fortunately, the Times suggests an alternative to "bitch," in the form of a definition from an 1811 dictionary: "A she dog, or doggess; the most offensive appellation that can be given to an English woman."

"Doggess." That seems to work: "She's such a doggess." "Life's a doggess, then you die." "I can't say it, but it rhymes with roggess."

But the Times notes that "the bill also bans the slang word 'ho.' " Great. What are we supposed to say instead of "ho"? "Gigoless"?


Funny, funny stuff, if not outright biting at times. And they spot the funniest headlines ever.
For example (also from today's edition)-

News You Can Use

  • "Keep Poop Out of Pools, Residents Told"--headline, Daily Herald (Provo, Utah), Aug. 9

  • "Relief From Excessive Armpit Sweating"--headline, NewsMax.com, Aug. 8

  • "Hips: Scheme to Widen in Five Weeks, Say Lobbyists"--headline, Financial Times, Aug. 3

Bottom Stories of the Day

  • "Segway Fan Club Disbands Due to Lack of Interest"--healdine, FoxNews.com, Aug. 9

  • "Joan Jett Won't Be at the State Fair"--headline, Pioneer Press (St. Paul, Minn.), Aug. 8

  • "Pakistan Parade Could Be in Doubt"--headline, New York Sun, Aug. 9

  • "Angelina Jolie Denies Endorsing Edwards"--headline, CNN.com, Aug. 9

  • "Leonardo DiCaprio's Presidential Vote Up for Grabs"--headline, People, Aug. 9

  • "Canadian PM Vows to Defend Arctic"--headline, CNN.com, Aug. 9
I recommend it to anyone. Here.

August 09, 2007


Sigh, I've said this before, but not enough people believe me.

The fact is, South Indian English accents are awesome.

We speak it better than most of the world, yes, brits included.
We 'enunciate'. And we have our own twist on things.
Have you noticed that we smile for most words we say?
It's true. Normal people say "Where". We say "Whaaaare" It's not like we don't know how to say it right. But we do it anyway. And our face stretches out into a smile when we do. Try it. Say "Whaaaare".
Ok, now say "Whaaaaat".
See the smile? :)

Heck, for the rest of the world who makes fun of it, I really don't "caaare" :P

[useful story for drinkup conversation.]

August 08, 2007

back at work, loads to do, etc. beatzo just passed me this, thought you'd like to see it and another. The joker for the next batman flick, to be released in 2008 -

Cannot wait to see the movie!

August 03, 2007

[another weekend trip]

Going home to Manipal after 7 months, which is officially the longest I've ever been away from it.

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY So excited! Mom's promised to make Kori Roti, and Prawns, and I'll have a beer with Dad, and then walk in the colony with the secret waterfall and the cliff and the lake.

WOOHOO, fuckers!

July 30, 2007

[steps into what looks like is going to a bad BAD week.]


July 26, 2007


Heading to Delhi for the weekend. See you guys on Monday.

this one time, in band camp...

"A need to tell and hear stories is essential to the species Homo sapiens--second in necessity apparently after nourishment and before love and shelter. Millions survive without love or home, almost none in silence; the opposite of silence leads quickly to narrative, and the sound of story is the dominant sound of our lives, from the small accounts of our day's events to the vast incommunicable constructs of psychopaths."

--Reynolds Price

July 24, 2007

My manager got a booboo...

... so he showed it to me.


July 20, 2007


This fucking city. You love it to bits and all it does is take a shit right on your face.
I wanted to come back to rain, to nights on the terrace getting soaked, to walking on the raods with a happy chaos that everyone loves being in.
Looks like I missed the best part of the rains. And worse, everybody's a scowly child.
I left Bangalore to get rid of people, of traffic, and having to constantly question whether I was living in a life of decadence and assbuggery.
Bangalore's now come to me. The people, the traffic, the assbuggery, and the decadence just followed suit.
The fucking traffic, I hate it and how it makes me feel. I now scream at people on the roads. My happy-go-lucky personality (heh) is in shambles. In the trash. In storage.
["Get off the road, you waste of sperm!"]
I am not being a happy guy.

Thank God, for now, for guitars and comics and music and friends and women and books and the internet and cigarettes and wine and rumAndCokes and videoGames and moviesAboutRealLife. They're forming a thin thread of sanity that I'm scared will unravel all too fast.

[title courtesy: Jenny Holzer]

July 19, 2007


Photography, Editing - Mili

July 18, 2007

Chapter 1 from Warren Ellis' first full length novel, Crooked Little Vein, is being offered as free download. I command you to go read it now, RIGHT FUCKING NOW. It's really good. How good? It starts like this -

I opened my eyes to see the rat taking a piss in my coffee mug.

Yeah, I know.

July 17, 2007

b'day, etc.

Three years since this.

We shall call 2006-2007 , "The Year Of The Stupids"

July 16, 2007

[chick pic]

3 months ago, I put this up as my desktop wallpaper. Now, for the life of me, I can't remember who she is, where she's from, why I even bothered. But she seems nice. Like the rain, it's like meeting a friend after a really long time.
Ok, you didn't need to know that, but now you do.

July 12, 2007



In response to Czar tagging me, a collection of 8 songs. Some oldie+goodies, and some new songs. Hope ya like.

Tracklist -
Summer Overture - Requiem For a Dream OST (Clint Mansell and the Kronos Quartet)
Retreat! Retreat! - 65daysofstatic
I'm set free - Susheela Raman
Glasgow Mega Snake - Mogwai
The Paris Hilton Sex Tape - Maybeshewill
Until it sleeps - Metallica
Spitleaf - Zero
Caroling Hellwaker - World's End Girlfriend.

Except for 3 and 6, all are instrumentals.

EDIT: I'll make one more? Let me know.

July 11, 2007

Anyone here interested...

...In saving the world?
God knows there's nothing else to do.

July 05, 2007

Under Construction

back from the US. Have to clean the whole house before junta arrive in the evening. Need to buy adapters for the wii and the lava lamp. etc etc. People who need to contact me please do so on my old airtel number, I can't call out till I put in some currency, but I can receive for now.


PS- yes, changing template. LATER.

June 27, 2007

in chains

June 22, 2007

Someone in this room... is a MURDERER!

A dramatic chipmunk. (youtube)

June 21, 2007


Landing back home on the 5th. Yippee!

June 13, 2007

more randomness


napkin scribble-

Lately I've been noticing Convenience in close conversation with SelfRighteousness. And after staring for many hours, I was unable to tell which was which, and who was who.

Perhaps they should meet the twins, Futility and Pointlessness, and compare notes.

June 12, 2007

A letter to every bully you and I have ever met

[kinda random, but I had fun writing it :) ]
[it's marked FICTION, so please, don't be a douche and be all judgmental]

I could take you on, you know.

So I'm skinny. I'm not short, but a lifetime of slouching takes off makes me look 5 inches shorter.
My arms are sticks.

I think I'm mildly calcium deficient, so the bones aren't so strong. Heck, the enamel on my teeth is below average, that's why it hurts my gums when I eat ice cream.

But I could still take you on.

This is the worst that you could do to me- You could kill me. But I know you won't, because bullies like you want to see their victims suffer. Maybe not, but I'm still sure.

Mistake 1: you assume I'm a victim, and am giving up. BZZZZT, wrong!

So you're going to hurt me, probably break a few bones? My friend, fuck you, that's nothing a couple of weeks of alcohol and nurses can't fix.

[nurses, sigh. but anyway]

perhaps you're going to call me names. Go right ahead, knock yourself out.

Mistakes 2,3,4: you think I'm scared, mentally weak, and give a rat's ass.

[And for all I know, you might actually like rodent behinds.]

Mistake 5: you think it ends after you beat me.

Let's begin by telling you that you're not walking away from me unscathed. I will definitely be kicking you in your balls, and landing my heel on your kneecap HARD. The base of my palm will push some amount of your nose in, and what cartilage doesn't kill you, will hurt like hell. A swinging elbow to your ear stings like a bitch, and before you know it, atleast one of your eyes is in danger of becoming gelatinous pulp.

Stupidly enough, people around the 2 of us will be cheering ME on at this point of time.

Sure, you'll win in the end, but while I might be lying all curled up all dirtied with dirt and blood, I'm quite certain you're going to limp away.

Now, excuse me while I laugh a bit before I continue. HAHAHAHA. Right. Why do I laugh?
Because it's not over, bitch!

You have a history, you have a present, and you have a fucking week ahead of you I can assure you will not be fucking peaceful.

You have fists. I have brains, friends, and a geek aptitude for dealing with pieces of shit.

You wake up, get ready to head for office/college/whatever it is you do when the hse becomes too smelly... and you notice your bike mirrors are missing. As are a few screws. and rubber piping. and the seats, and...
you don't want to know what I put into your exhaust. I only suggest you get yourself lots of disinfectant back home.

How could have this happened? Especially with the security guard around?
You have fists. I have a software programmer's salary, which I don't spend on shiny hair.

Your girlfriend refuses to pick up calls. And man, I have to tell you, fucking with your love life was the most fun part of last evening. Fun fun FUN! Don't even bother, not only is she pissed with you, she's also scared of you and won't be able to see your bare chest again without being really disgusted. Fun fun FUN!!!

Pay the overpriced auto, and get to wherever you're going. Might as well get this day over with. Especially when you realize your friends aren't picking up your calls either. They heard about the "incident" with the vacuum cleaner, bitch! And how do I know?

You have fists. I've got access to your secrets, ridiculously badly hidden as they are. Your mom just LOVES talking about you and how she's so proud of you, did you know that?

Fun fun FUN!

Please, don't walk along the main road. My buds are riding around with those tiny 40 rupee cans of paint. I'd rather use that to repaint my wii, wouldn't want to waste it on you.

Oh, so you don't have a bike, you only have a car?
Do you know that you cam insure every part of the car... except for the windshield? Seriously, go look it up. And fixing the beading itself should take a bout a couple of grand.
You got fists, I got sticks and stealth.

Ok, so we got you a bad morning. And you don't even know what we dumped into your water tank. Whatever.
Revenge, my friend, is best when it's agonizingly long, stretched out, and oohboy fun fun FUN!

A piece of advice - avoid open windows and cushioned chairs.

You have fists. I have time on my hands.

Your boss is going to complain. Your folks are going to complain. Your friends are dying laughing behind your back. You're noticing you're missing money. Lots. Your balls still hurt, and the swelling in your eye isn't going away.

So you come up to me to make peace. And to beg forgiveness. And you fold your hands and say, "please, if you have mercy, just let me be", or some such shit.

At this point I reap the investment I made in my authentic ninja shuriken. Fun fun FUN!


June 07, 2007

SuperCon '07 collage (aka OneThousandWords)

Big photo. Zoom in to see detail.

June 04, 2007

At San Jose SuperCon '07, my first ever comic book convention, I got...

  • - 5 pieces of art, all from Industriacide, by Sean Dietrich, my new favourite artist/writer. Dark dark stuff. Here's a link to one of the pieces I bought.
  • - 6 prints, one sketch book with a sketch on the last page, 2 full page sketches by Emonic/ Emo Gonzales. Such an awesome dude, great stuff. Of course, all signed. The Brothers Gonzales are coming out with a book in a few months and of course I want it so bad :)
  • - A major chunk of the RorschaschEntertainment catalogue (included Dietrich's Industriacide, Fervor, Mess, his sketch book, but somehow missed Catalepsy. Godammit) Writing to him to ask for it. And of course, all signed copies :)
  • - Neil Gaiman's 1602 complete run.
  • - Alan Moore's SMAX, full run.
  • - Ted McKeever's Industrial Gothic, full run.
  • - Kyle Baker's Plastic Man 1-6.
  • - Eric Powell's Goon TPB, signed, from the ComicBookLegalDefenseFund.
  • - Frank Miller's CBLDF tshirt (be awed, I command you).
  • - Captain A-Hole by Mike Hampton. Not very good production. But also got a "I love hot zombie hot chicks" tshirt from him, which is pretty awesome.
  • - All Star Batman and Robin 1-5. Miller's going mad.
  • - Pearl Jam Winnipeg Summerfest '93 bootleg DVD.
And I also got John Dolmayan, the drummer of System Of A Down to sign my mp3man. SO AWESOME. I'm sure it'll fade off after a while, but hey, cool while it lasts :) Hopefully will stay in one piece till I hit Hyd and can show off. Now why was Dolmayan at a comic convention? One look at his drumkit should answer that. (Artist details in this pic) I'll give details and my own pics later.

Way too much money, I know. But for once I can afford, so shut up.

Pics of loot soon.

June 03, 2007

on gtalk recently

byker: pi?
will you please drink some piss cheap beer, scratch yourself in public, or go shoot innocent living things?
oh, or eat some really rare steak
you have gotten a little too in touch with your feminine side boy
what the fuck are they doing to you over there?
you're posting pap now
sheer, unadulterated pap
you're going to come back and give me lectures about embracing diversity
i just know it
and you are going to ask me to stock a bottle of chardonnay, while you amble about in a fucking turtleneck
wtf does princess di have to do with tourism, pray tell, other than advertise the fact that the french are fucked up drivers?
this is john travolta, from his disco days
not cool
not cool
if it had been from get shorty, or pulp fic, i'd understand
if there isn't any gratuitous sex or violence in one of your posts soon, i'm washing my hands cleaner than pilate
i'll have the sad duty of calling manipal and saying... "i knew him when..."
you haven't even cussed once during this tirade of mine

[edited for brevity]

May 30, 2007

random photo

John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana. Look, it almost seems like she's not even touching the floor. Which could be true, for all you know.

I loved her, and I know you did too :)

Of that evening -

It was at the White House in 1985 and President Reagan's wife Nancy came over to whisper: 'I have a request from the princess. It was always her big dream so would you dance with her?'Travolta plucked up courage and, as he took to the floor with 24-year-oldDiana, the other dancers left and the band played a medley of his movie songs.

He said: "We were alone with the world watching.

"She started to dance kind of strongly. So I gently pressed her hand down and put my other hand on her waist. It was to say 'let me lead because I know what I'm doing'. She got the message and we went to town."

"We had the time of our lives. When it was over she bowed to me and I to her."

[Thanks Kini, for the text]

May 29, 2007


A big bundle of photos from Napa and Bay Area from the past month and a half. Ok bye, later.


May 27, 2007


Took hajar photos on the Napa Valley trip, here's one. More later.

May 26, 2007


so get this
I have the wii now, right?
and it's beautiful
full got extra controllers and all
the fuckin' TV in the hotel doesn't have input jacks :S
~the end~

May 24, 2007

In an alternate life I would...

...use paper cups and food coloring to color sand, then powder it and use a transparent fixative and more paints to make a mixed media poster, complete with collages from xeroxes of grunge album covers.

...take a week off after working for 5-6 consecutive weekends, and spend that time watching 90's flicks, listening to electronica and finish learning how to play the lead to Return to Serenity, while fixing the lighting in the bedroom so that only yellow light prevails, no bulbs are directly seen, so that nothing interferes with me dreaming about the Zeta Reimann hypothesis.

...learn how to cook, and then cook.

...listen to the entire Melvins discography, after removing my registrations from all online social communities, excluding GoogleGroups.

...fold clothes, hang a solitary bulb in the cupboard, then log on to the net, and continue my futile search for Malini Sharma.

...design my webapp that would automate stock portfolio selection, and then sell it to Meryll Lynch or somebody, after which I'd take a trip to Gokarna and then hike my way from there back to Manipal.

...photograph you.

...tattoo the mandarin for 'no-thing' on my right shoulder back, condition my hair, get a bandanna, make the band with vijeth, and spend the rest of the year looking for a vocalist.

...buy more guitars, and wall stands for them, and a lot of polish, and slinky strings, and a korg ax3000g, build my own amp, and give the neighbors a lot to complain about.

...finish writing the friggin' book, attempt to get it published, then get a tshirt printed that says "hey, atleast I tried"

...still be a webapp/UI designer at age 23 :)

[update: other than the last one, that looks like a pretty decent list of things to do before 'm 25, no? ]


The Bay Area has been great so far. I've seen a lot, done so much, and still managed to not go anywhere near the touristy stuff that the place is all 'woohoo' for. Saw a movie (grindhouse) at AMC theater in a mostly empty theater, been buying lots of loot, doing some good work at the office, saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Guster LIVE, and a fabulous fireworks show at Pier 32, overloading on cds (Vijeth, got you Jerry Cantrell's Degradation Trip, but I think I might want to keep it for myself :P ) discovered bandanas and how exactly to tie them (considering I can't really afford a haircut) , cycled along the coast, saw a jazz saxophone player/ blues guitarist/ falafel stand in a train station, and so on. I also saw my first, second and third comic book stores, loved them. I've seen so much graffiti, lots of foreign food, almost gotten used to toilet paper, and that switches flick up instead of down, and decided that Indian food in the US sucks.

[For the record Gold Flake Kings pwns Marlboro. ]

Ok, enough. See you guys later. This weekend, the sister's coming down, we'll probably head for Napa valley, and I think she might be getting me a Wii :)

May 22, 2007

[a letter]

I_ went trekking to the himalayas for a while, and came back and wrote this to a few of her friends. With her permission, posting it -

Its strange to write about my holiday. In some ways I can't remember much of it. [post traumatic stress?] Can't remember details, or the pictures I tried to capture in my mind.

I almost didn't go for the trek. I flew to Delhi, and then caught a fever. Was sick and wondering whether I should not go trekking. Decided I couldn't let the stupid fever not let me do it. Took antibiotics with me.

The base camp was crazy. They had a million rules. It was beautiful, in a cradle of mountains. But this camp was like what Id imagine the army to be like. 5am - Tea. 5 30 am- Something else. 6am Youve to go running for an hour... Things like that.

I haven't had rules lake those to follow in a long time. Ok, who am I kidding. I haven't had rules like those ever!

The water used to be freezing. So cold. It almost burned. I befriended a hotel owner near our camp and Id go there to take a shower. She'd let me do that for free, in her room. really sweet. Got to know lots about her.. including her love story and all that. fell in love with that lil village. You might have fallen in love with it as well.

And, we did rock climbing and basic training and we set off for our trek.
The first day was easy, and we thought it would be a breeze... but it wasn't.

The second day was the worst ever. It rained, we were climbing steep mountains and had not much to hold on to. each step would slip. It was nightmarish, and we were seperated from the group and hoping we were on the right track. Don't seem to remember much of it except the "bloody fucking hell!' feeling

We reached the camp, and Nadine and i got into our tent and laughed hysterically. We were in shock I think. It was a bad bad day and we didn know what to do other than laugh about it. And say stupid things like, 'maybe we should ask daddy to send a helicopter to pick us up'

After that day I developed what Id call 'a newfound fear of the ground' .. would walk at the speed of a tortoise, would look at every step I took twice to ensure it would not fall away under me. I got over it in a few hours, but it was an ugly slow 2 hours. After this day I was mostly happy the rest of the trek.

We saw such beautiful places in the mountains. Hidden. I guess the kind you can never see if you dont climb up to them. And we camped in places that belong in the movies, or maybe that belong to be left untouched. Id hate to see a city in those mountains.. they re so pure. Even the hash people smoke there, must be the kind that provides nirvana. how can it not? Jus out of having been grown there..

We braved hail storms and saw snowfall[my first snowfall!] and bear scares and I once had a dog come sleep on top of me in the middle of the night. It used to be cold and we were far from any comfort. No luxuries. No warm water. No nothing.

Wed drink water that melted off glaciers, and sleep in tents perched at weird angles.
but when the view outside is so beautiful...it really doesn't matter.

I thought Id miss my phone, and my city life and my alcohol and the city girl in me would suffer. Well, she did. but I didn miss any of that stuff. Not really. I wouldnt have minded a hot shower or a loo, but I didn ache for it. Wouldn have minded a shot of alcohol in the cold, but i didn long for it.

I loved it, and I didn wanna come back to the dirty city. Where everything is so jaded. But, yes, by the end of it... my eyes were longing to see a road. Just for the simple fact that Id be able to walk without having to look for a step.

Oh, and on the day we were climbing our highest mountain, my contact lens flew off. I was half blind, and that was a lil difficult.. trekking when I couldnt see. But ppl were helpful. That day of trekking in the snow, we started at 3am cos we needed to climb before the sun started to make the snow melt. Its hard to walk it then.

I just realised this is a super long mail and not even structured well, and all over the place. But I dont have the patience to edit it. So this is what you get.

Am back to my degradant lifestyle.

And my nose got burned, and peeled off!!! Didnt know we need sunscreen in the snow. Apparently it burns bad, and we dont realise it cos its so cold.
I came back tanned and burned from the Himalayas. Go figure!

Anyways, Ill go. This mail is long enough. Haven't managed to adhere to the "keep it short and sweet" rule.

Love Always,

p.s. I was hoping to find some sort of revelation up there. But I guess it doesn't work that way. :)

p.p.s. was it so long that you had to take a pee break in the middle?? lol

p.p.p.s this does warrant atleast a 100 word reply.

p.p.p.p.s. I know a picture is worth a thousand words. I dont have pictures yet, maybe that justifies the thousand words???

p.p.p.p.p.s. Ok, ill get over it.

p.p.p.p.p.p.s. oh and a million more things! :) later, when i spk with you..

May 18, 2007

[random conversation]

"We're hoping it ends well"

I couldn't help but burst out into loud guffaws of laughter. I asked him, what if it starts badly?

"Why, that would mean, we're not even half-done"

Sorry, what?

"Well begun, all that"

But of course.

May 16, 2007


Details later. Sorry haven't updated yet, much to tell, no time to do it. For now though, drool :)

May 13, 2007


lots of updates tomorrow.

May 12, 2007


Our hero sobbed on her shoulder, his best friend of all time, not yet completely sure of what he was feeling, while all she was saying was "let it out, let it all out"

He sniffed back a vagrant thought and suddenly spoke, "All this time, I kept thinking of her heart as a castle of ice, battled by the very world that she strove to srvive in. And I couldn't hold her in my hands, nor let her down, because that would make her melt or break."

"And I chose to be the coward of forever, by simply running away with excuses of not being able to do it anymore. Was it fear, was it cowardice, was it a simple instinct to protect myself from the responsibility that the world threw on me? Perhaps all."

"And yet I couldn't see that while I was projecting all this bullshit onto her, I was simply a castle of sand, and all that it would take was a mild wave of words to break me into pieces and destroy me and everything I was made of."

(I really need to get back to finishing my damn book. Found this, seemed... apt. Edited for brevity.)

May 10, 2007


...turns out Warren (ex-zero guitar god) is back too. And in his newest project, blackstratblues, he's just released the album nights in shining karma... and the whole album is available for full download off his site. Holy shit. Go download now! Amazing guitar work.

[a lot of it is also available off his soundclick page, but screw that, he's offering 192kbps on his site]

Finally, the fucker's back

Vishal Patel just updated. And redid his site, very minor fixes, etc. And while the new post is pretty cool (youtube video of what he's talking about), the coolest update is a link to a letter he got in response to his fusen post.


May 08, 2007

[gawd, he's posting way too many photos]

you wanna see?

May 05, 2007

look mommy, a geek!

Just added a twitter widget to the sidebar, I think that's slightly better when it comes to sharing links, small notes, etc. Look for regular updates there.

[script from here. will style it more as and when. ]

May 04, 2007


drink, eat, mingle, travel, shop, work.

easy peasy.

May 02, 2007

In the land of lego, pi waits for the train while the back of his head explodes in a photon fireworks display

May 01, 2007


  1. My feet are swelling up a little unnaturally.
  2. I've developed a tiny paunch. *tiiiiiny*
  3. I feel the urge to snack at various times of the night, and am very pleased if it's meat, ketchup, chicken pickle, or anything else. As long as it's edible. Day old pack of opened crisps count.
  4. The dryer my throat I feel, the more water I drink. And the more water I drink, the more I think I'm retaining it.
  5. Sometimes. SOMETIMES. I feel like weeping just because Ross broke up with Rachel.

Hey, nobody told me getting to the US would get me pregnant. WTF?!

April 29, 2007


Found - Raven, by Swiniarski, which I've raved about before. So I picked up The Flesh and the blood, which contains Raven as well as The Flesh, the blood and the fire. AND Hostile takeover. For 8$ each. SO HAPPY.

Drank in Stanford, drove down in San Diego (where I am now). Am totally getting into the groove of this trip.

Dad, love ya, miss ya, and found you a fancy camera :) Looking for a good deal on it right now. Didn't find a San Diego souvenir shirt yet though :( Looking.

April 28, 2007

geek note

Developers, please take note, DWR 2.0 has been released.


Big, big news in the web application world.

April 26, 2007

a couple of photos

April 24, 2007

i just noticed...

muhahahahahaha = evil laugh

muahhhhh = sloppy kiss

miaow = cat squeel

mao = communist leader

we live in confusing times :S

April 23, 2007

I'm being such a tourist

photos from a great sunday