"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

November 30, 2006



There was ths boy, he cried, he cried,
You'd probably think some-buddy died,
when he slept, he wept,
as he called, he bawled,
and everybody knew why.

Was no secret, no great tragedy,
no long lost love that made him saddy,
he was just a lonely guy,
living out a harrassment of sorts, not gladly.

when he was happy, he'd shed tears of mirth,
and when blood ran, he'd feel the pain,
and cry
and cry.

we tried to show him beauty, he felt overwhelmed,
we showed him true suffering, he felt suicidal,
we showed him the banality of 60 tv channels and nothing on,
he wet his face with the water of bore-dom.

we killed a puppy in front oh his eyes,
he shrieked and died of empathy,
then we made him eat flambe canine with a dressing of vinegar,
he passed out with the joy of it all.

And yet he cried, we knew not what to do.
We got him porn, and he thought we were being so sweeeeeeeet,
made him pop some X,
that's not all it takes.

[He finally got a shrink. Yeah, I know, such a pain.]

November 27, 2006


A few more changes made to the blog. Still working on it. about 150 posts tagged. It's SO painful :( Anyway, got all my old links back in the sidebar. Will fix the super long label list soon, promise. Commenting too, but having some issues with it.
Oh, and this is officially post 400. How cute.


go slow

November 25, 2006


She told me "Sunil, you're not the person I remember you to be."

She sighed, looked at my skinhead cut, the goatee, the torn jeans and went on "Don't you remember what it was like a few years ago? You were so happy-go-lucky, enjoyed waking up to every new day, learning and reading and playing and all that. I remember you always talking about the future and looking forward to it, but now all you do is reminisce about the past and make long faces about 'things that could have been'. You were so much fun to be around at the time. You'd keep yourself clean, be decent, social, affable, and SO NICE. You'd show me cool magic tricks, talk about cartoons on tv, and godammit, you used to SMILE so much. Whatever happened to all that, huh? HUH?"

I scowled back and said "Mom, leave me alone, I'm sleepy."

November 23, 2006

Am in Manipal. Came to get some medical attention for my busted knee, and might turn out to be a much needed vacation. A week or so, I'm guessing.

Also, have managed to get the blog looking a little presentable now, you must agree. Haven't yet done all I need to, and will finish labeling all he post probably only by the end of next doomsday. W/e.

Will hook up super cool commenting system and all also only later. Till then, ta!

November 22, 2006

If you're in Bangalore tomorrow...

... and upon seeing all his near and dear ones across the monitors, George put down his drum sticks, and in a voice filled with apprehension asked his charioteer, "Do I see things Lord Kamal? Are these the very people who pinched my cheeks when I was a little child running around in Kotayam? I can't play drums in front of these people Lord Kamal, please turn this chariot around and take me home". Upon hearing which, Lord Kamal jumped out and facing his drummer said, "Mr George, life is fleeting. You are born, your cheeks get pinched, you steal mangoes, you grow up, you go to school, you bunk your way through college. Some become engineers some become daacturs. Some become rich and some become artists and musicians. Look, check this out." And Lord Kamal became small small small until he was not visible anymore to George's naked eyes. "Now check this out", he continued and became big big big big, soooo big, and when he laughed, the bedazzled George could see the entire universe in his mouth. And returning to his normal size Lord Kamal spake thus, "So you see George, this is Maya and you're the drummer. Now pick up your sticks and play".

And that did the trick.

(LP's reading the Bhagavad Gita?! OMFG!)

November 21, 2006

see the black...

This is such a beautiful blog.


November 15, 2006


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catch(e){ if (e.rejectThatLoser){alert("yeah, whatever");}}

[men who pause]

Old template while I figure out GML, etc.

Ref docs - http://ecmanaut.blogspot.com/2006/09/blogger-beta-templates.html , http://www.wilkinsons.com/Bananna/2006/08/deconstructing-blogger-beta-html.html

November 14, 2006


Have switched over to blogger beta, and it'll take me some time to put back the functionality from the old template, get it back to looking like that etc, especially since I want to use all the new functionality. Till then, might not be posting. Should take till the end of the weekend.

Besides, I think I'll have to sit and tag ALL of my previous 400 posts, which is going to be a complete pain in the ass, I'm sure. Dammit.


November 13, 2006

"Let them eat cake" AKA 23 is such a dirty number.

I don't like birthdays.

Correction. I hate MY Birthday.

I'm not a big fan of people calling me up and wishing me. It makes me feel, accountable to them, y'know? Like I owe them for calling me or something.
B'day gifts, not so much. Nobody seems to know what I like. One time, I got a box of chocolates filled with cherries.
And on parties, don't get me started.

So the plan was simple. The flatmate was headed for Indore. Aunty was assumedly going to the other side of the city, so the options were -

1. Get drunk and depressed.
2. Repeat 1.

Aunty decided to fix things.

Saturday morning breakfast at deli 9. Tuna Sandwiches and a thick chocolate shake.
One count of awesome.

Night, clubbing at TDS. Finished a bottle of Madera wine (insert pseudo wine talk - a nice bouquet, a deep color, an excellent spread on the palate, etc. Truth is I chugged and stuffed face with pretentious cheese and pineapple :P )
And danced like mad. We stayed there till they kicked us out.
Two counts.

Rode around Hyd. Had mango ice candy sitting along Hussain Sagar. Rode back.

Reached home, had thick chocolate cake. And the most awesome gifts ever. The 2 of them bought for me, a DK encyc on guitars, and a collection of designer posters. (Will put up scans soon. You HAVE to see it.) I LOVE my flatmates. How awesome are they. Seriously. Nonstop squee potential.
For those keeping score, that's FOUR counts.

Sunday morning. Noodles in the house, more cake, a cigarette that felt like heaven. I_ and A_ call up and say lunch at fusion 9 at Banjara hills. So nice it was. Met these women after my last fiasco (details not available). Chet and aunty joined up in a bit, the boy back from Indore. So on my birthday, I had a nice quiet lunch with my best friends, got a little beer in me too, and stuffed face with waffles and maple syrup.
Ooh yes, that's a strong FIVE.

Coffee at the women's new place, headed back home, and sat alone on the terrace for a while. Smoked another great cigarette, saw a hundred people flying kites, saw a Deccan flight have a shaky landing at the airport (so funny when you're not involved in another person's fear). Went downstairs, saw a BBCThree documentary on the otaku in japan. For the record, the new catchphrase is - moe (pronounced mo-eh). Totally squeeing over this documentary. I didn't know the BBC had a sense of humour :P
And a completely squeeworthy SIX.

Dinner was parceled in. Crashed after finishing reading the 2 Samurai Executioner books the we'd missed (8 and 9), and FINALLY finishing Chuck Palahniuk's "Haunted" (which has a hilarious afterword, you should check it out.) An old ex-best friend called up, we bonded. Today, mommy wished me properly too :P
Crashed to a fabulous number SEVEN counts of friggin' awesome.

I think I'll cry out of happiness :D


(Sorry, forgot to take photos, but w/e, just be happy for me, alright?)

November 10, 2006

All your frowns...

...I made into one giant smile.

[Today's corny message probably because I've started generating estrogen. I'm not sure.]

November 09, 2006


[because I used Head and shoulders menthol shampoo today, I thought of you...]

My love for you is the song I heard once before going completely deaf.

The sight of a sunset the moment before I lost my vision, and was wandered to wander feeling my way through this and that, all in the memory of that perfect sight.

Your love was the feeling of walking across a bridge, before my feet lost their strength, and I was doomed to never know the joys of jogging to the sound of of my feet padding the ground.

My love for you is a yearning of grappling at time as it slips thru' my fingers, of sand that scatters across a void, of glass that melts between my digits.

My love is regaining my hearing, my sight, my feet, my one chance at getting back your love, and on realizing that the chance to step back is not possible, the utter despondency that I was better off with my memories.

I love you, for what you are, what you were, an unconditional yearning that makes me happier than a chance to step down a new path.

This fork is mine, is yours, and I'll gladly wait till nothing ever happens again.



Sharath Rao, one man I can respect, once told me that a man reinvents himself every 23 years.

Of course, he said this after his 23rd b'day, so it's probably a load of elitist self-important hooha.

But anyway.


The Eclipse IDE party was nice, unfortunately the sausagefest everyone thought it would be (except for the 2 hotties from ETV who wanted junta to dance so that they could get some footage. I know, sad.) I went unshaven, dirty sweater, and all... and got photographed. With my undies showing.

But anyway.


Picks and stuff - Nitin Sawhney's "Fragile Wind" from the album 'Human', my del.icio.us page (it's up!), Mukka's flickr page (I'm plugging this too much, I know, but the photos he takes are so PRETTY!), Arul Mani's retorts (one, two update- three!) to the numbskulls at bangalore torpedo (and mighty fine retorts they are :)...

Hang on right there.
Seriously, what the fuck was that torpedo blog post about anyway? Have they even ever met Arul? I have, and the fucker's a gentleman, well read, articulate, GENUINELY funny, and frankly, an awesome guy to be around. What the fuck provoked TBP to write something like this?

But anyway.

(Anyway what, you fuckhead?!)

Nothing. Not much to say recently :( Long post on Saturday, promise. And it might even have (shudder) 'content'.

Be afraid :P

November 07, 2006

As drunk as drunk can be... :))

Anybody in the mood for an Irish drinking song?
One that's bloody hilarious?
"The name of this song is 'Seven Drunken nights', but yer only allowed to sing five of them... so here goes..."

Download link.


(thx chandru- boss, overlord, overall God)

November 04, 2006


The smaller that your biggest problem is, the bigger that your smaller problems seem.

November 01, 2006

midday meandering

Kiran Bedi has a blog. Wow.

Can I be crass,
And talk about your ass,
And then drool a little,
Please don't mind the spittle.

Apparently we taste like bacon. Hrmm.
The Eclipse IDE is celebrating it's 5th b'day across the world. Including Hyderabad. Next door. No really, NEXT friggin' door. As in, go downstairs, and it's NEXT DOOR. November 7th. I think I'll go, if only to laugh loudly at the humour of it all :) Eclipse.org is actually footing 1000$ of the bill!!! Ahahahahaha, and they're letting Indian software engineers join the party!
[collapses in laughter]