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December 21, 2006

Because it's that kind of day...


The stalwart public inspector has managed to twice thwart the evil Afghan drug smugglers plans to get white powder into the country.
Afghan Smuggler be pissed. Much.

The Smuggler hears that inspector's to-be in-laws are coming in from Kabul. He decides to kidnap them and hold them for ransom. Does so. Makes demands that inspector come alone to pick them up so that they can settle scores.

Inspector shows up. So far, so good.

The inlaws are all tied up. The inspector shows up with the 'maal'.

But the smuggler, as any smuggler worth his salt would do, decides to mess with the guy. A standard scuffle ensues, where suddenly 2 rifle-toting chicks show up, one of who is the inspector's "to-be" bride. Fiance, w/e.

The scene - Inspector's holding smuggler by the neck, gun pointed at head, already made all his cronies drop their guns and all. Dialogue -

"Pasha, [that's the smuggler's name], do you remember Badshah Khan, the man you betrayed all thsoe years ago?"

"Er, yeah, sure I do. Got him locked up in jail for messing with the dood that is me".

"Well then, listen. My inlaws that you've captured, do you know who they are? Look closely! That lady is nobody else but Badshah Khan's wife, who has gone mad ever since her husband was locked up for life and she figured he's never coming back! And that man, he's Badshah Khan's best friend Khudah Baksh, who's sacrificed his life trying to take care of his best friend's wife. And these women who've come with me! My fiance Mehndi, she's Badshah Khan's daughter, who only days ago realized that her father is still alive and had to sacrifice his life of any meaning in order to save his rakhi sister's reputation. And the other girl, she's the daughter of the policeman, Badshah Khan's best friend in jail, that you had killed by your corrupt police officer friend! And me, I'm the son of that same corrupt police officer, who's lived his life thinking he got killed on duty, while in reality was killed by my own mother when he tried to kill Badshah Khan while simulataneously harassing her! Badshah Khan took the murder upon his own head [sic] and lived so many years in jail, and sacrificed his won life!"

At this point of time, Beatzo and myself burst into laughter, imagining the mindfuck information overload that Pasha is going through. Beatzo was imagining Pasha would go mad screaming "OMG mudderfucchers this is way too much shit happening at much! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"

KhudahGawah has one seriously hilarious climax :D

Bonus - So Badshah Khan (Amitabh Bachchan, if you'll remember) shows up as well, major fightaction scene happens, and they beat the baddies with pistols, rifles, and a tiger striped bazooka launcher.
No, seriously, a bazooka.

So during the final moments of the film, finally when Bachchan reunites with Sridevi after so many years, the supporting cast starts shooting their weapons in the air, like pathans and rajputs apparently do to celebrate, or some such thing.

Sridevi (double role, his daughter) is firing a rifle into the air.
Shilpa Shirodkar too.
Danny Denzongpa (Khudah Baksh) is firing a pistol into the air.

And Nagarjuna (the inspector).

The uber smart police inspector.

Fires a bazooka into the air.
Straight up.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Run fuckers, run!


Scoo said...

LMAO..He he he he he..Too much dude..will get high n watch the stuff.

Indus Creep said...

run forrest runnnnnnn

Lalbadshah said...

lol.. i remember the starting scene of this movie.. straight from the afghan-rambo movie where n-hundred people on horses try to fish a dead goat from the ground.. This movie was declared to be the last of big-B.