"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

November 09, 2006


[because I used Head and shoulders menthol shampoo today, I thought of you...]

My love for you is the song I heard once before going completely deaf.

The sight of a sunset the moment before I lost my vision, and was wandered to wander feeling my way through this and that, all in the memory of that perfect sight.

Your love was the feeling of walking across a bridge, before my feet lost their strength, and I was doomed to never know the joys of jogging to the sound of of my feet padding the ground.

My love for you is a yearning of grappling at time as it slips thru' my fingers, of sand that scatters across a void, of glass that melts between my digits.

My love is regaining my hearing, my sight, my feet, my one chance at getting back your love, and on realizing that the chance to step back is not possible, the utter despondency that I was better off with my memories.

I love you, for what you are, what you were, an unconditional yearning that makes me happier than a chance to step down a new path.

This fork is mine, is yours, and I'll gladly wait till nothing ever happens again.



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Pi said...

:P no making fun of me, ok? fragile and all.

Akhila said...

brava. (wipes stray tear.)