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November 01, 2006

midday meandering

Kiran Bedi has a blog. Wow.

Can I be crass,
And talk about your ass,
And then drool a little,
Please don't mind the spittle.

Apparently we taste like bacon. Hrmm.
The Eclipse IDE is celebrating it's 5th b'day across the world. Including Hyderabad. Next door. No really, NEXT friggin' door. As in, go downstairs, and it's NEXT DOOR. November 7th. I think I'll go, if only to laugh loudly at the humour of it all :) Eclipse.org is actually footing 1000$ of the bill!!! Ahahahahaha, and they're letting Indian software engineers join the party!
[collapses in laughter]


Jeevan said...

Hi pi, take a look at this.


Pi said...

Aiyyo. It's a good thing I use intellijidea :P Which is also a major memory hog, but shit man, it's too cool. But promise, I'll download and use netbeans today itself. Give you the benefit of the doubt.

Azhar said...