"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

November 13, 2006

"Let them eat cake" AKA 23 is such a dirty number.

I don't like birthdays.

Correction. I hate MY Birthday.

I'm not a big fan of people calling me up and wishing me. It makes me feel, accountable to them, y'know? Like I owe them for calling me or something.
B'day gifts, not so much. Nobody seems to know what I like. One time, I got a box of chocolates filled with cherries.
And on parties, don't get me started.

So the plan was simple. The flatmate was headed for Indore. Aunty was assumedly going to the other side of the city, so the options were -

1. Get drunk and depressed.
2. Repeat 1.

Aunty decided to fix things.

Saturday morning breakfast at deli 9. Tuna Sandwiches and a thick chocolate shake.
One count of awesome.

Night, clubbing at TDS. Finished a bottle of Madera wine (insert pseudo wine talk - a nice bouquet, a deep color, an excellent spread on the palate, etc. Truth is I chugged and stuffed face with pretentious cheese and pineapple :P )
And danced like mad. We stayed there till they kicked us out.
Two counts.

Rode around Hyd. Had mango ice candy sitting along Hussain Sagar. Rode back.

Reached home, had thick chocolate cake. And the most awesome gifts ever. The 2 of them bought for me, a DK encyc on guitars, and a collection of designer posters. (Will put up scans soon. You HAVE to see it.) I LOVE my flatmates. How awesome are they. Seriously. Nonstop squee potential.
For those keeping score, that's FOUR counts.

Sunday morning. Noodles in the house, more cake, a cigarette that felt like heaven. I_ and A_ call up and say lunch at fusion 9 at Banjara hills. So nice it was. Met these women after my last fiasco (details not available). Chet and aunty joined up in a bit, the boy back from Indore. So on my birthday, I had a nice quiet lunch with my best friends, got a little beer in me too, and stuffed face with waffles and maple syrup.
Ooh yes, that's a strong FIVE.

Coffee at the women's new place, headed back home, and sat alone on the terrace for a while. Smoked another great cigarette, saw a hundred people flying kites, saw a Deccan flight have a shaky landing at the airport (so funny when you're not involved in another person's fear). Went downstairs, saw a BBCThree documentary on the otaku in japan. For the record, the new catchphrase is - moe (pronounced mo-eh). Totally squeeing over this documentary. I didn't know the BBC had a sense of humour :P
And a completely squeeworthy SIX.

Dinner was parceled in. Crashed after finishing reading the 2 Samurai Executioner books the we'd missed (8 and 9), and FINALLY finishing Chuck Palahniuk's "Haunted" (which has a hilarious afterword, you should check it out.) An old ex-best friend called up, we bonded. Today, mommy wished me properly too :P
Crashed to a fabulous number SEVEN counts of friggin' awesome.

I think I'll cry out of happiness :D


(Sorry, forgot to take photos, but w/e, just be happy for me, alright?)


Kini said...

This posts didn't sound like you at all...

I'm so happy for you. *grin*

Jeevan said...

Happy birthday, mate!

Jeevan said...

I like birthdays, because I like getting gifts, because I like new things (just so that I can spoil it). Unfortunately, none of my buddies (except one of course) are interested in giving any (mmmphf).
You got gift so you be happy. :) .... :)

Ishita said...

sounds better than my birthday which incidentally was my 21st and before a distributed systems paper.
u know what that can do to 21st birthdays.

happy new year!

Scoo said...


Happy birthday mate. Wishin u all the success n happiness u desire ( Basically lots of booze ) ;)


Pi said...

Ishita, Hi! looks like my blog is FINALLY getting more female readership. Woohoo!

[I love my own pathetic plight :P]

Scoo, thanks man! Didja hear the dubliners song? Huh? Huh? I think I'll sing it today out loud, just for kicks :D

Scoo said...

Yes i did..Adding to it, i played it loud for a truck load of phirangs when we were gettin drunk!! Hic Hic Hoorah

sita said...

happy birthday!

(uh.. the deli9 cheesecake is just perfect. do try it sometime, if you haven't done that already..)

Arif said...

I'll join everyone here and say, happy belated birthday and glad you're still alive after that weekend. Most people I know wouldn't get through a partying weekend without a trip to the hospital.

byker7 said...

you'll notice i kept pointedly silent on the day in question.

after all, it was the anniversary of the day that would eventually lead, through a series of unfortunate events, to my being associated with you. again.

(the 'again' is lifted shamelessly from a certain bowl of petunias. if you don't understand, pay homage to mr. addams again.)

p.s. drop in and check out the new a/v system sometime.

Pi said...

Sita, don't insult me :P I live in the lifestyle building half the time, and only go home when I'm tired of leching at women there. Ha!

Arif, dammit, are you EVER planning on putting your site back up? I'm sick of visiting it and seeing construction boards all around the place. Figuratively, of course. But thank you for the wishes :)

Byker, OF COURSE I know the feeling of falling thru' the sky and gaining existential wisdom (or something like it) :)) I'll see you in B'lore soon, keepo a bar of industrial carbolic soap ready for me.

Sita said...

pi: oh me too!! (well, almost, anyway. when i don't have classes, ie.)