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November 07, 2006

As drunk as drunk can be... :))

Anybody in the mood for an Irish drinking song?
One that's bloody hilarious?
"The name of this song is 'Seven Drunken nights', but yer only allowed to sing five of them... so here goes..."

Download link.


(thx chandru- boss, overlord, overall God)


Scoo said...

Hey Pi,

Firstly i have been frequenting ur blog silently..and i read every single post on ur blog!!(Software engineers u know)..i must say it was really nice..well written..

By the way i couldn't download the song..the link doesn seem to work..

Pi said...

Hey Scoo, thanks a lot man (or, um, woman, but life's never perfect). Hi!

About the song, do this instead. Go to grammy.ru. Click on ENG. Then click on Music. In the search box that shows up, type "seven drunken". Three results pop up. Choose any, I think they're all the same.
Then click on download. Yeah?

Scoo said...

I'm a guy..sorry to disappoint u ;)

And yes the search does work..yet to listen to the song though as my Proxy here in Moscow( on some messed up project here) forbids mp3 downloads..will try at my apartment