"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

October 23, 2006


(not much, really)

Bedridden with a fuckall fever, now much better.

Bought the new Evanescence disc, The Open Door, very nice.

Listening to hajar Nepali rock as well (thanks Aunty!)

Other listens - Bruce Springsteen, Nelly Furtado, Sigur Ros (love it), Nitin Sawhney, Genesis, Susheela Raman (orgasm), Lucky Ali, etc etc.

[I'm ripping 4 cds from Chetri's collection every day, and I've been doing this for the past full week. Do the math.]

Job's good. Busy. Still liking it (thank god).

Am promoting self from Javascript n00b to DemiGod.

Am still too embarassed to meet I_ and A_ after being an asshole a week ago. Eh. Story of my life.

Caught myself thinking seriously about hiking across India sometime next year. You're welcome to join me. I'm thinking February. Also thinking about going to Nepal in January. You're not welcome to join me.

Have decided to put "Aerials" on personal Top10 most awesome screamOutAloud songs of all time (this list also includes RATM's 'Guerrila Radio' and Met's 'Hero of the day', in case you wanted to know)

Have found myself subconsciously susbstituting 'ch' for 'k' sounds and 'jh' for 'g' sounds aand vice versa (bastard ketri!)

Still more or less happy.

How was your weekend?