"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

October 09, 2006


So it's been rough, the past couple of weeks. Having thrown myself into the job the best I can, a few things I've noticed about myself and this life.
I've been scowling more often. More often than I'd like to anyway. Frowns are commonplace too, and I've started listening to metal thinking gothy shitty ideas like pain and misery and how they give release to a fortunate few.
Remember how I used to say that I don't understand women? I think I've figured it out though. There's not that much that's a secret about them. They're phenomenally dumb. Painfully clueless.
Thank goodness we men are even worse. It'd be a pain to see men in charge of the world, and that'd be a totally miserable place to live in.

Oh wait.

Fuck. Whatever.

I'm growing sideburns too. Not as a way to look cool or anything, promise. Just. (and I might throw the 'ooh look at me, I look like a child rapist, boo!'argument here again, but that's boring now.)

I'm busy... with work. Actual, honest-to-goodness, occupational work. Which is new to me. Spending hajar time with manuals, discussing design concepts with the boss, late night javascript debugging (which is an absolute bitch, let me tell you).

So I'm tired, pissed off, bored, and counting pennies till the next salary.

Funny thing though?

Never been happier :)


[Walking off to System of a Down playing 'Aerials'. Life is a waterfall || We drink from the river || Then we turn around and put up our walls...]


Venu said...

which is an absolute bitch, let me tell you
It's a slut, a whore. No matter how much you fuck around with it, it's never happy.

P.S.: The console in firefox makes life easier - you probably already know about it.

Venu said...

Oh, and btw, glad to read the post..

Pi said...

:) forget the console man, it's not sufficient. One GREATSUPERFABULOUS tool that's more or less saving me right now is the firebug extension to firefox. Watches, stepping thru' code, inspectors, etc... all for the price of one nonintrusive sign on the bottom right. Look it up.

Venu said...

Looks cool. i had also used venkman or some such debugger but somehow the execution wasnt the exact same as without the debugger and we had to use alerts everywhere. Fortunately I am no longer doing stuff in javascript.