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October 07, 2006

Nagraj Vs. Shakoora The Magician

I can't believe I kept this as a draft and forgot to publish. Anyway, welcome to the crossover of the century, where DC, Marvel and Raj comics fight off Shakoora.

Mighty lol-worthy, to me atleast.


And like the psychos at scans_daily, I suppose I'll give you a sample panel too.

"What's all this happening?" Hehe.


Sreehari said...

*lol* I wonder where ya get these from, reading em in office now :D.

Arnab C. said...

MUah!! 50 naagraj issues and still counting...ain't i demented or w00t? plus also this very wonderfullly crappy issue of the dc crossover... :))))

Pi said...

Sree, have fun. Just make sure 'upper management' doesn't see what you're doing :P

Arnab, :O You are now god. Truly.

Rajat said...


The best part is all the 'men' looking totally dazed. Imagine this in Hindi - "Arrey! Superman, Batman, Spiderman, yeh kya ho raha hai?" (Or rather "yeh kya haal bana rakha hai?") ;-)

Pi said...