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October 23, 2006

An instant from waking life

(random post, because I CAN, Ha!)

Notice the detail in the rotoscoped image.

The Cutout levels are diferent from object to object. The forehead has 5 (so I'm assuming a threshold of 8) and the wall has 3-4, with edge fidelity varying all over the image. It's definitely been retouched manually, so that means that every frame of Waking life must have been retouched, or atleast validated manually.
Notice the deliberate placement of vector art across the frame. The star in the moddle (obviously), the guy's hair (the tufts would've been absorbed otherwise) the definition of the lips, etc.

Manual borders for objects, their polygon simplificaltion algorithms must be really cool to get borders like that AND prevent bleeding across frames. Sure, more manual here, but still...

Anyway, so I'm still dying to watch Scanner Darkly, which *apparently* takes rotoscoping to a new level.

(pic thanks to Andy)


Venu said...

You haven't watched it yet? It's mighty funny in parts, something I didn't expect.

Pi said...



Arnab C. said...

*GROAN* Culdn't u delete that comment? *Hysterical Sobs*

Andy said...

Gee man! I didn't know you got it from me! In case you get "A Scanner Darkly", save it for me. Dying to watch it actually.