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October 05, 2006

George, he's like.... AKA ContextIsForTheWeak

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Today's Hyderabad Times has an article on it's front page (which is basically page 250something if you start with the actual paper, which should anyway be used as toi-let paper, but has too much shit to take anymore anyway, etc, etc.) called "George on women, Oscars...." (yes, four dots) Anyway, it's on *ok* article, with 3 quotes by George Clooney that quite stand out in a completely unintentionally funny way if you remove context-

"I want to spend every single night for 3 months going out with a different actress. You know, Halle Berry one night, Salma Hayek the next, and then walk on the beach holding hands with Leonardo DiCaprio"
So Leo's an actress. Hmm.

"[Cate Blanchett]'s the best actor working today. Not actress, she's an actor."
Double Hmm.

" I think [Clive Owen]'s a movie star. He's, like, a man."
Hmm overload.

The rest, readers, I leave to you. Heha!


PS- Little Pinkie asks this of Youtube - "Why would they want to put up Paris Hilton's sex video AND Paris Hilton's dog's sex video? Maybe we should be thankful it wasn't Paris Hilton and her dog's sex video" Amen.

[I just said 'sex video' thrice. Funny :) Later, folks! ]


Sreehari said...

hehe ... nice phun reading those papers, you bette watchout pi...

Pi said...

Eh, watching out is for glasses. Arr.