"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

October 30, 2006

Don't you be going judging me and all, I'm sure you've done worse before. Yes, I am SURE.

If there're any women here, I'd like some help with this. You know how losers on orkut (*cough*) are always bugging you to be their friands (sic) and etc etc, and they obviously come off as losers (*double cough*) and so on? I was wondering, is there a decent letter/scrap that WOULD make you consider being friends with them? Here's what I have so far. (Adjust according to context)

I'd like to be your friend.
I think you're interesting, kinda nice, and I'm hoping you might like talking with me too. I apologize if this is coming off as creepy, but seriously, what better option would I have?
My name's *** and I'm a/an *** in ***. I was reading your blog/ reading your scraps/ saw you on a friend's blog/scrapbook / saw your photos and you seem really nice, in what little way the internet allows.
So yeah, you seem nice.

I'm just saying hello.

It would work, no?

[DISCLAIMER: No, fuckwads, I do NOT want to make friandship with anybody. I'm just curious.]


Rajat said...

Curious? Just? Believable. Very. :-)

And was the friandship intentional or a slur of your fingers? ;-)

Pi said...

Vary intenshunal. :P
But yeah, curious anyway. Wouldn't YOU be curious to know what lines work with a woman?

Rajat said...

I would be. Only if I could put it to some good use. ;-)

Rajat said...

I guess that should be "...put them to..." :-)

aiyyoooo sweetieeeeee said...

try this one:
1. get one of those cheap bicycles..you know the yellow fluttering stuff around the edge of the seat and all..dont forget the ultra cool sunglasses..comb in back pocket...brown leather jacket
2. go up to woman
3. say " hey flower (pronounced fi-lau-ver) coming double-seat?"
4. watch woman do...hmmmmm...whatever

p.s: this actually happened to me and for my reaciotn - stunned silence..couldnt decide whether to laugh at his clothes or his "ride" or at both or at the fact that he thought both together would "work"...but hey you might find somebody - you never know till you try!!!!

Hemanth said...

hmmmm....orkut?? 1) change profile photo to salman khan....
2) learn to get roses in ASCII
3) get laid...


Ishita said...

two classics i must mention.

a) i shivkumar. i am very cool.

b)u look like a model[i beg to differ incidentally ;-)]

oh well ignorance killed the cat, curiosity was framed.

Pi said...

Ishita, if you walk down Brigade Rd, you can get much more eloquent example.

"Aye babbeee, you sweet like chocolate coming aa, you can be my cadbury's dairy milk, eh eh?

True story :P

Anonymous said...

Haha... I'd suggest someone leave a link to this post for their next franship scrap attempt.

Quite eloquently put. :)

Got here from Beatzo's blog btw.


Anonymous said...

no it wont work u dimwit even thou u write well.
the only thing that might work is if u get her curiousity cranking...this kind of a nicey mail sounds boring personified!
get those creative juices flowing if u want someones attention!
ps: i'm so glad i'm a gurl and spared this thought processing bullshit!

Saturday Night Takeout said...

[the dimwit responds]


[response ends]