"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

September 27, 2006


Deal with it.

Put a finger into your nose, scratch it out from the inside of your nostril. Pull out what you can, with the thumb providing the grip as it slides out.

If it's crackly and dry, feel the way it bends between your digits. breaks up into little human mucusy dust. See the cilial hair come out with it, and feel the relief of having a partially clean nose.

If it's wet and sqooshy, look at it stretch into viscous threads. Feel the stickiness. if it's white, be thankful. If it's yellow or green, I'm sorry you're a little ill. If it's anything else... hrmm.

It's snot. Go to the basin and snort out as much as you can. Wash it away and then use soap on your hands.

It's snot. It helps. Keeps out the bad shit.

It's snot. It's great to take it out, but it's a good thing it's there.

It's only snot, for God's sake.

Deal with it.


Laura said...

you need help

Laura said...

You need help

flypig said...

Somehow I never have felt the need to help with the thumb.

Pi said...

Laura, nyah.

Laura, nyah.

flypig, yes, but forks hurt after a while.