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September 14, 2006

More pics from hyderabad

(quite a few, will take a bit to load. And the order's messed up a little, sorry.)

Doors. I don't like them. It's true.

Buddha. Respect, punks!

Satish Reddy, no names please.

Spot the ninjas. I dare you :P

Random. Consider it stock.

Juma Masjid, I think.

Scratchy itchy graffititchy. Charminar.

Charminar. Something, don't ask.

The way up. Charminar.

Beatzo took this. Stringing the guit with new phosphor brozes. Hyd maal. Plays well, nice tones (in case you wanted to know).

Charminar. Duh.

One more charminar. Better for wallpapers.

That's all.


bbhimom=3102869415 said...

Good stuff, especially the Charminar ones and the Buddha one.

Rajat said...

Hell! I am supposed to be bbhimom=3102869415. And that number looks suspiciously close to pi (the number, not the man) ;-).

Mukka said...

Fuck around a little with the gate snap on Picasa-you'll get some really cool shading effects and make the thing look much better.
Aand guess what my new wallpaper is? :D

Pi said...

RajUp, aye, not many can come much closer to pi :P *snark snark*

Mukka, hmmm, stop obsessing over me :P