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September 23, 2006

Just a note

So all the music channels are promoting this chippie named Sona as "The first desi rock chick".
Fact- nothing special about the music.

FACT - NOT the first rock chick. And layering a half decent guitars and a predominantly postgrunge moody tone to the song does not a rock chick make.

The first 'desi rock chick' (I already hate the term) I saw was at Saarang, when Bangalore based Clockwork Orange performed live in the finals of the battle of the bands. (Decibel, I think it's called). The band has these 2 amazing women who totally rocked the stage. Samira Mohamed on vocals and Yasmin on drums.

Yasmin a goddess on the drums. She's a friggin' nonstop skinbanger the likes of which I've not seen ever again. About 8000 men fell in love with her right then.

Samira Mohamed had this outrageously orange outfit that made me giggle out quite loud. I suppose she thought it was a rock thing or something, and we'll let her keep thinking that, aye? :) But what a voice. What an awesome voice. Pumped up women singing rock renditions of "What's going on" is a major turnon.

I wanted to write more here, but I think this should do. :P The official band homepage is here, and you'll find samples on the RSJ GreatIndianRock collections of stuff they've done. Go, explore.

Are there any rock chicks that you've seen/heard? Write it out here in the comments, and we'll package off this whole post and send it to those idiots at MTV and Channel V. Seriously.

PS- Yes Ganja, Susheela Raman too.

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worldisaverysmallplace said...

hey what about the lead singer from Milikans Oil's drops.

She is good. Their first recorded song "Fade Away" is truly great.