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September 16, 2006

It *should* lie beneath... mostly (AKA droolfest 2006)

Bought off the Raaz dvd a few days ago, and went thru' the whole thing tonight. The music's really bad, it's a bgrade version of an average english flick (though Pfeiffer was quite good in that) Bad acting, bad music, terrible screenplay, no suspension of disbelief at any point of time. Dino Morea is a pansy, Bipasha Basu is [tongue in throat gawking] and Ashutosh Rana tries hard to pull a good performance from a totally deadbeat character. He doesn't succeed.

Then again, I'm just nitpicking, because I only wanted to watch it for one reason. Malini Sharma. And she's a total delight to watch. Very neat portrayal of a psycho-neurotic-suicidal-intense woman. An absolute treat. She scared me more than once in the movie.

Oh, and she's a COMPLETE drool-a-licious hottie :P So without any futher ado (always wanted to say that], let's just put up 2 photos of her from the movie and keep staring at the screen.



I really need to find out where she's disappeared.

PS- As a bonus, here's another photo from her early modeling days.

Hai khathor...

*triple sigh*

[mentioned previously here, and another great photo there too...]

Yes, I obsess about ONE celebrity. So what? Atleast she's not, y'know, Kareena Kapoor or somebody :P

Ok, goodnight now.