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September 23, 2006

Escape (an experiment in fiction by me)

(Not for the weak of heart. Really. Please, if you get offended by strong content, stop right now. I don't want to ruin your day for you. For the others, carry on!)

The solution hit him on the way back home, actually. And it made him feel immensely happy, so much so he actually skipped (kinda) the rest of the way back.

See, life wasn't so great for our hero. A marriage that was just boring, a job that sucked ass, and a paycheque that *just* about paid the bills. Not really unusual, but he couldn't stand it, y'know? It was all so... normal.

He needed to escape. And now he knew how.

He climbed 4 floors, reached home, got in, locked the door again, and turned around. And for ther first time in 12 years of marriage he was actually glad to see his wife (they didn't have any children, thank you for asking). She asked him how the day was, but he knew she wan't really ever listening to whatever he said back. Today though, he said "Great!!"

She looked up in mild surprise. Our hero was never EVER in this good a mood.

The first punch he threw her was a very strong hook, caught her diagonally across the jaw. A satisying click/snap that could be nothing other bone breaking meant his day had just become better. An immediate adrenaline rush and a tingling in the back of his spine. Good good.

(You're welcome to stop reading this now. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

She landed on the floor in a whimper. He then systematically started pounding the living daylights out of her. In his head he just kept saying "make every blow count. Make EVERY blow count." He kicked in her nose and regretted not laying out sheets, but that wouldn't matter, duh. This was NOW man! And the sight of blood just confirmed his suspicion - that this was a good idea after all :D lol macha, lol.

Another kick to the back of her head seemed to make her unconscious, but he didn't really care. He wasn't looking for suffering, he was more interested in the release of a lifetime of inane bullshit. Anyway, atleast the bitch had shut up. He landed his knee down into her spine, and got up with her hand twisted behind her back now.

Twist. CRACK.


Fuck, we might as well do the other hand. Heha! CRACK.

He stopped for a second when he realized he was humming the words to 'My generation'. The smile came back to his face, and he went inside the bedroom, came out with a cricket bat.

The bat was a GM, the kind that Steve Waugh used in his glory days. Very cool. Nice curves, 3 grips, lightweight, a satisfying echo anytime it connected with solid. Yup, he was testing that out right now.

He sat down on his knees and smashed her ankles in with the bat, just to make sure she couldn't run away. Which was stupid, because he'd already shattered both kneecaps. Ah, but whatever, it's his day, so let's not judge him.

(people try to get us down)

The sweat was pouring down his face now. And he was LOVING it. The ribs were now just toothpicks poking away at her innards. He guessed he'd killed her somewhere in between the head whacking and the indidual finger damage he'd administered, but again, he didn't really care.

When he felt the strength go out of him, he sat down a bit to catch his breath. Life was good.

(Why don't you all f-f-f-f-fail!)

He went inside, came out with the knives.

Another hour passed.


Our hero, self absorbed, tired, and with a bloodrush in his head that didn't seem to stop, lit up the blood stained cigarette on the balcony and wondered. Well, not really, he was screaming "Awesome, AWESOME" in his head. Like I said, don't judge.

He stepped up on to the railing, flicked away the cigarette and dived down.

(I hope I die, before I get old)



Ganja said...

Very nice, in a Takashi Miike way. Loved it.

Prasanna said...


Rajat said...

Hmmm. Strong content, eh?

I liked this line - "He stepped up on to the railing, flicked away the cigarette and dived down." Extremely well suited for a movie ending. I suspect the visuals would be too good - a single hop, stand erect with wind in the hair, the flick & zup with a blast of background music. What say? :-)

Pi said...

Prasanna, don't empathize with the victim so much :)

RajUp, all movies are stories. All stories could be movies though. Besides, it'd be a total bitch trying to film the rest of the shit.

Ganja, thanks ra.

ichi the killer said...


Thisis what happens if you watch movies like "Ichi the killer" one too many times.

As the great man "Ganja" said, very Takashi Miike !!!

Jeevan said...

What a fucking PSYCHO!

Pi said...

ichi, whatever you say man :)

Jeev, yes, but what did you think about the hero?

Gutterflower said...

Dear god i think im in love with you.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

:) yeah yeah, sure.