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September 08, 2006

Anupam Restaurant

This place in manipal, previously called ShangriLa, now called Anupam. Very very nice dosas, so if you're in the area, do give it a looksee.

But yeah, super cool menu backing :)

Back to work.

PS- Thanks for the pic, Dad!


Citrus said...

So nice.

Varun said...

hahaha, i used to come here for breakfast, they play pretty cool music too

Sadashiva Prabhu said...

Thank You "Saturday Night Takeout".

I am Sadashiva Prabhu, son of Anupam Restaurant's owner.

It was my Dad's plan to put up that backing.

I just searched for our restaurant and landed to this page. You can get me on Orkut[just search my name] or saddy@in.com. Sorry for the super late response.