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September 01, 2006

3 links

They found The Scream! Rejoice, pop culture addicts!

The new firefox is here!
(beta) Check out the new features. Drool.

Anatomical structures of cartoon characters. Stunning. Make sure you see all five pages, links at the bottom.

Ok, back to work.


Jeevan said...

On Firefox,
Most of the new features I care about have already been there in the form of a Tab mix plus plugin. Look

Pi said...

Aye. But this release fixes more, including that damn memory leak that made it jump to 3-digit RAM occupation when you left it on for a long period of time. That, and a number of small things ya. Specifying when a link is going to open a new window by itself, browser session resuming (with current position ON THE PAGE!) support for the new js, etc etc.

Plus, I really love it when MS gets a kick in the balls, even if it's just a tiny nudge :D