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September 26, 2006

2 urban legends

Beatzo tells me of this urban legend that NITW is famous for. Apparently the college is situated right next to this notoriously violent town, but things used to be quiet with the students as long as they didn't mess with them. Anyway, the story goes that once some guy went and "fell in love" with one of the girls in this town, and the father of the girl found out.

(Sounds like Romeo and Juliet? Read on...)

So one night, a gang comes in thru' the connecting gate between the college and the town and walk into the mess where the boy's having dinner with his friends. They then switch off the lights, and there's a lot of noise which goes around. The lights come back on... and the boy is still in one piece. No bruises. No nothing.

Only, on his plate is the head of the boy sitting next to him.

Yeah, like that.


NITK has an urban legend too. We all heard it when we joined college. See, in the first block hostel is this room (77, 79, 89, can't remember the number, but w/e) that's not being used. It's filled with cots, broken chairs, etc, but the hostel authorites refuse to clean it out and give it to anybody. Why? Turns out that room has had quite a few suicides in it. Anyway, once this guy was staying in it (a fresher) and exams came and went, and this boy packed up his bags, preparing to leave. He goes up to his friends, asks them to come over to the railway station to drop him off, which they gladly do. They drop him, wave goodbye to the train, etc and head back to the hostel. They reach, and they're passing the boy's room (the guy who just left) when they notice it isn't locked. They walk in... and the boy is hanging from the fan.

Uh huh. I know. Freaked me too.

That room, since then, has never been given out to anybody.


ganja said...

Also, the lights and fan in that room would switch on and off randomly.
Fuck, i made a wet.

Rajat said...

Huh? This is new to me. I heard that some boy got psyched after he found out that the room leaked water from cupboards etc. incessantly; they traced it back to some suicide there & the boy packed & so on.

Rural legend, eh? ;-)

Pi said...

:) If this the way one story gets messed around with 3 people, kinda makes you wonder what history is about then, eh?

sreekanth said...

A few more information to be added. The boy hung, for some reason( not bothered to find out), his other room mate who saw him hung got this terrible shock wave that he died instantly with a mssive heart attack. Finnaly it was his 3rd room mate to show up, nothing of that sort happend to him, but hold on. he died a few days later in an accident. Thus, the legends ends with the room 77 getting a dubious distinction of being a horror house.