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August 02, 2006


First things first. Update your GoogleTalk. FINALLY they've added file sharing, voicemail, etc etc. One very cute feature is it can take your current song playing and display it as your status message. Very nice, especially if you want to show off the new Indus Creed collection that you downloaded (Thanks a gazillion, CJ) and have been tripping on nonstop, reliving memories of 1st year, Hwing and everything in between(Ganja's just written a fabulous review of that period for us. Kindly read it and smile at the bunch of boys rolling around in the comfort of good times.) And if you guys are into radioverve, the guys there told me that they'll soon be uploading the whole discography onto it soon. Hooyeah!

Secondly, I've been thinking about what to tell you guys about my chittaranjan trip, and I figure it boils down to 2 nuggets. One's a story, so we'll get that out of the way first.
Whenever I go for my office "onsite" trips to Chittaranjan, I get to stay at this Government guest house. Now, the whole township of Chittaranjan is stuck in 1960 AND it's dry (if you get my drift), which means I have to spend large tracts of time doing nothing. Really, nothing. Not even a wank, it's that boring. So I smoke excessive amounts of cheap cigarettes (Kings aren't available) and stare at sunsets hoping that missiles hit the guest house. For the, uh, entertainment value, if nothing. Anyway, so the caretaker of the guesthouse sees my plight, and decides to help out. Which means, every couple of days he gets along a woman who can't possibly more than 20 years old, and each time asks "Saaheb, aap isse chakna chahenge?"

(For those, who don't get hindi, "Sir, would you like to taste her?").

Really, not kidding. And everytime I have to tell him to kindly fuck off, I don't do this kind of thing, I'm not interested. I told him, in what I hoped would be the last time he tried such a stunt, that they aren't even my type of women.

Should have worked, no?

If you answered yes, you obviously have no idea how I seem to attract the weirdest of weirdest werdnesses that are weirdly weirded... well, you get the idea.

The night before I'm leaving, the caretaker gets along an 8 year old boy.

No, I DID NOT accept his offer, you idiots.

And that's my story. Draw your own conclusions. Onward to the next nugget.

I met Laloo Prasad Yadav... kind of. And he's an asshole. I do not like him.

That's all. Sums up the trip quite nicely, I suppose.

Ok, here's the 'news' I've been wanting to tell you all anyway. I quit my job. I am without job. Broke, even. Headed for manipal on the 10:30 AM day bus today, with all my luggage already packed up (except for the Farside collection, I have NO idea how I'm going to get that to Manipal. Perhaps I'll do what I always do and just dump it in Byker7's house. Hehe.)

Why I quit isn't important, let's just say that I badly need a change and I think I'm done for good with software development. And for the record, the 2 worst employers/clients are 1.) your family 2.) the government. With both of them on your heels... Ugh. Take my word for it. I'm going to spend 2 weeks in Manipal now considering the future VERY VERY carefully. I want to walk along the streets there at 6 in the morning, do some photography, maybe put some work into the book (and the almost finished outline for the comic), whatever.

Mostly though, I'm just sick of people and am dying to get away from them all. Friends, family, strangers, whatever. I have begun to despise the concepts of humanity, of nations, of religion, of goddamn coffee shops that charge 75 Rs for a sandwich. Everything. Manipal offers me a chance to calm down a bit, I'm going to take it. Except for dad, nobody's there anymore that I'm even remotely acquainted with, so I'm thinking it'll be good. Get a life for myself, somewhat. I might not blog so much, may not check my mail that often, you might even find my phone switched off for long periods. Is ok, I'm alive, and I promise to reply to anything you throw at me. Just don't ask me what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. Trust me, I don't know myself. I have no confidence in the future either. What I do have, is faith, a six stringed guitar, and a pair of blue socks. They've gotten me thru' worse times, you better believe it :)

That's about it, I guess. No long winded rambling, no descriptive bullshit, nothing. It's been fun, and I hope to come back a better man. Later, dudes!


Ganja said...

Is blogspot banned again? Not able to get through to your blog without daveproxy or a feedreader. I guess you want to be by yourself and all but if you would like a few DVDs delivered, lemme know OK?

Azhar said...

Manipal is a beautiful place, especially around your house. The lake will probably be full this time of the year and everything else green. Make the most of it to just chill the fuck out.
And please use your guitar.
P.S. The Short Stories are awesome.

hemanth said...

What I do have, is faith....i'll driink to that man....
have a fantastic time...and yeah you surely will come back as more than a better man.

Pi said...

Ganja, on netone dialup now, and it seems to be ok. Desipundit usually has the earliest scoops on all this, you'll have to check there. And the discs, yes please :) So happy for friends.

Azhar, the weather here is so awesome, you won't believe it. Grren everywhere too. Am tripping.

Hemanth, maybe I won't even come back. We''ll see :)

worldisaverysmallplace said...

back to manipal..wow..nice. wish i could go there just.

have fun dude.
PS: last week @ lor, was that the send off party?

Pi said...

Not really, because I decided the morning after that. LOR was more of a post-chittaranjan alcohol binge.

AgonyAunt said...

miss seeing you around...who'd have thought.

Pi said...

A brother from another mother :)

cheese dosa said...

If you re broke can i use some glue?

Pi said...

Oh baby. Dirty talk :P

[Aww, warm and fuzzy. Damn, now I owe you pretty things.]