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August 25, 2006

In my inbox...

Hi i am raj
Good day miss k.Sharada how r u.I think ur looking for job. I am looking for ur friendship i can help u. if u trust ur friend raj waiting for ur sms.

Sender: +9192900707**
Sent: 16:30:33

[Verbatim. I swear. Draw your own conclusions on the casting couch of, um, executive India]
[PS- I have no idea who k.Sharada is.]


Venu said...

Hey, the zoomcloud looks good. You have any idea how to enable comment rolls in blogger?

dushy said...

I realised ppl start it this way :)
Btw I never get these kind of mails.How do u get them?

Pi said...

Venu, I have no idea what a comment roll is. And there's a very poor joke I can attach here about it maybe being a frankie, or how I'm the rolling trophy winner, or w/e :) What's a comment roll? And dude, blog update maadi.

Dushyanth, it's not even an email. It's an sms. And that's a hyderabad number. Why k.Sharada gave it to "ur friend raj" I'll never know. Welcome to my blog :)

Venu said...

Comments roll gives what the latest comments on the blog are. See the sidebar at SepiaMutiny, for example.

Pi said...

Hmm, shouldn't be too much of a problem, if you're willing to put in some elbow grease. Basically take the main comments RSS feed (not available yet, but the new blogger definitely will have one) and using a little javascript (or even plain html, I think) you should be able to format it off into a nice little sidebar. The sepiamutiny site uses server side scripting (I'm willing to bet it's php, but on;y because it's the newest fashion to do so), but you won't be able to do real time updating with that... which isn't really required, I suppose.