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August 28, 2006


I couldn't think of anything to do to this pic. Random wallpaper material. I can't even remember if I've put it up before. Please don't make fun of my Givson.

PS- Busy busy busy. Can anyone help me setup a mysql connector on tomcat?


Jeevan said...

try this link. very straight forward.

Pi said...

Works! Oh yay! Thanks ra.
PS- Java's kinda cool man :) You must be having fun.

aMoo said...

re PS:

singed cat.

sorry ya,
:D it was BEGGING.

how you?
*hug* take care.
and you're still to msg me your new number, prick.

Pi said...

Fincho, still haven't got myself a new number. Will pass it around as soon as I do.

*hug* right back at you.