"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

August 30, 2006

The Tallywood String Quartet

Kindly see the first comment of this post to see what I'm listening to right now.

Thanks to Beatzo, that sly bastard :P

August 28, 2006


I couldn't think of anything to do to this pic. Random wallpaper material. I can't even remember if I've put it up before. Please don't make fun of my Givson.

PS- Busy busy busy. Can anyone help me setup a mysql connector on tomcat?

Advice, a short story and disco balls.

Denial is easy. All you you need is to put on a pair of cargo shorts, grab a beer, a beanbag, and a Miles Davis remastered disc. Vary beer according to buzz.
Warning: Do NOT mix brew with consequence, or even mild presience; it might not agree with mental constitution and leave you saturated with guilt and an urge to peepee every 10 minutes.


Nanu nanu, little earthlings. I come in peace. Step aside, my leafy friends, as I save you from those fuckwad humans. They're tasty, mmm.


Disco balls.


The deliciously geeky webcomic. Hours and hours of nerdy chuckles. Go see now.

If you didn't get the joke on the left, maybe you shouldn't click after all. And then live in a cave. With bears. And stop shaving. Dunk the cellphone too.

August 27, 2006


Dad, this is what my cubicle looks like.

August 26, 2006


Don't smoke. It's not cool.

I'm trying to quit, if only to afford the soon-to-come rent bill in posh Begumpet area. Can you believe this place is more expensive real-estatewise than Blore? Shit.

August 25, 2006

In my inbox...

Hi i am raj
Good day miss k.Sharada how r u.I think ur looking for job. I am looking for ur friendship i can help u. if u trust ur friend raj waiting for ur sms.

Sender: +9192900707**
Sent: 16:30:33

[Verbatim. I swear. Draw your own conclusions on the casting couch of, um, executive India]
[PS- I have no idea who k.Sharada is.]


A set of photos from Hyd.

August 24, 2006

On deviantart...

(It's apparently called "anal probe". I wonder why...)

August 22, 2006


43things.com, the fabulous folksonomy based social networking site, sends me a weekly alert.

Dear future self,

I'm reminding you about your stated goal on 43 things, to
"Get a tattoo".

How's it going?

Your past self

Is it wrong that this makes me feel guilty, every goddarned week?

Fuckin' fascists :P

PS- I'm now officially a cubicle junkie. I'm going to start playing paper bomb warfare with beatzo before soon. Har.
PPS- Don't mind the new tagcloud in the sidebar. I'm just curious.

August 21, 2006

Last Goodbye

This one for Mukka, just because I like him :)

August 19, 2006

Leaving on a HiTech bus

August 18, 2006



Ahem *cough*

TADAAA!!! I'm back!

Let's go through this, one at a time.

I'm really excited by the new blogger beta screenshots. Unfortunately, I've still not qualified for the beta signup, so fingers crossed till I actually do. But it looks like sticking with blogspot is paying off. The urge/ temptation to shift to wordpress (and a previously abandoned livejournal) was suppressed, and I'm so happy with these new features. Specifically, it looks like the blogger guys have embraced web2.0 (a buzzword I'd love to hate, but can't for reasons that will be explained later); there's an entire AJAX interface for messing around with the template, also features like tags (and categories?) have been integrated, I'm sure the metas associated with them should be still easily manipulable (not a word? I dunno). Sure, your custom javascript will still have to be encoded straight into the template, but that's a small payoff. They've also FINALLY upgraded their collection of templates. Thank god, their previous collection was seeming quite inadequate. I see an integration with livejournal's OpenID initiative too, soon. But to sum it up, looks like blogger's growing up. Good good. I see a spurt in blogspot signups after this (unless the government decides that blogspots are now banned because they cause corruption of the youth... or something. Whatever.) Check out the previews here.

Next, Hyderabad. Let's take a minute and thank Beatzo from the bottom of our collective hearts for treating me so well. He gave full rein to his collection, paid for my meals more than once, and did something really cool for me(If you're impatient to know, just skip this para and go to the next. Big big news, for me anyway) Now, I don't get why Hyderabad is badmouthed by so many of you. I LOVED IT. Such a beautiful city, with weather patterns that're too schizophrenic to plot on any ley lines (hehe, "ley"). The traffic's comfortable, the roads are WIDE, and the traffic policemen are courteous. Coming from somebody who's done the Blore routine for a whole year (and seen it detoriate from the mid 90's to the mixvegetablegravy it is today), Hyderabad is a heaven-sent. And the place is overflowing with Biryani. No, really, biryani's everywhere! A guy with a penchant for beer could really live it up there. Especially now that I'll be working in the same office as Beatzo.

(Say what?!)

It's true. I'm out of software, hardcore development atleast. A hastily prepared resume, a portfolio consisting mostly of all the stuff you've seen on this blog(including the webcomic, if you can believe that), 3 rounds of interviews, and my personal charm (giggle) got me a job! The work description revolves around graphic design, user interface design, etc etc, mostly stuff that means I can get away with a lot by quoting "creative license". LOL. (Yup, I said lol, so bugger off). Now excuse me while I jump around a little; I'm still bloody happy about this.


Truth is, I'm still in a little shock about the whole thing. True, I didn't do it on a whimsy, true, I didn't want to stick with the old job, also true, I really REALLY needed to get away from family and bangalore, very true, the lure of the new job was something I knew I'd give/will give more than for the future (that line is in case my boss reads this; mind you, I might just get bored in the middle and start calling you a fascist for absolutely no reason.) However, I'm just in shock that IT HAPPENED. It means living alone, paying all the bills, being responsible(snort), and chasing a dream, cliched as it may sound. It means, for me, finding out if all the hype I surround around goals and perseverence will pay off. Time will tell. The bad thing about dreams is that they have the tendency to make you wake up in cold sweats. It scares me. And of course, it means having a place of MY OWN. In other words, the fuckpad. [the crowds go "yay!"]

[I've already been deluged by requests from friends who want to "use" the place when they're in Hyd. I wonder if I can squelch stuff off them in return. Beware, you've been warned. W/e.]

But yeah, new job, new life, same old priorities. Work like an asshole through the week, drink on the weekends, that sort of thing. And ooh, god, hope against hope, fingers crossed, finish the godammed novel. Immediate urgency is finding a place in the Begumpet area that's close to the office, and furnishing it with, um, mattresses and a net connection.

Shoutout to A_, one of the nicest women I've met in the recent past. PS- She drinks with a thirst that'll rival Ganja's. Dude, she's dying to meet you after all the stuff Beatzo and me have told her about you. Mostly though, I think she wants a turn at kicking your ass. Your problem.

Also saw Omkara. My god, somebody woke up Saif Ali Khan and taught him how to act. Stunning performance. Scary, even. Apparently the state of UP have removed entertainment tax on the flick. And considering that Saif's mom owns the damn censor board, it's gone thru' without cuts, so the language is downright accurate (or atleast sounds it). Check it out to see Ajay Devgan don the mantle of Mr. Cool. Kareena Kapoor's surprisingly tolerable. Go now, watch it.

Next. V_, I spoke to Dad about you today. We've been bonding a lot recently (over alcohol and drives, mostly), and I think he knew what I meant when I told him he'd have loved meeting you. A damn shame you're not around, really. Que Sera Sera.

At Hyd, I read -
1. Too much.
2. Not enough.
3. Blankets, by Craig Thompson.

Let me tell you why Blankets messed up my head so much. I have a theory. ("I huvuh a theoreeh". Bastards.)
I think me, my generation A part of) are growing up post-college with this major shuffle in emotions.
We replace happiness with cool content, so that we don't get attached too much to other people, and it's easier to deal with relationships when they're impersonal, if you get what I mean.
We replace sadness with moist(?) indifference and truncated humour, where we immediately distance ourselves from whatever's getting fucked up, and are able to deal with it on a more logical level.
We replace public humour with suspicion, wondering if our laughter reveals too much of our weaknesses. Only those in our inner circle(s) are allowed to see this, and everything else is just chickled at left behind in a crowd.
We reserve our genuine appreciation (the shouts of "awesome", etc) for mostly inanimate objects and/or unreachable popculture icons.
We replace sadness with anger, and refuse to cry, choosing instead to confront the source of sadness as a challene to our own constitution.
This way, we survive our jobs, our routines, our 9to5s, our personas, our social lives, whatever. A lot of this might just be presumption on my part, but everyday I seem to see it in the people around me. Is it just a post-engineering hangover, or are we all evolving into antisocial animals just to preserve what little humanity's been left behind after being shocked by the bluntness of the real world? I dunno. But anyway.
Along comes the most beautiful book I've read. Blankets. And it made me well up. And this made me angry. Mostly because I've more or less forgotten to cry, or even fake it. And my genuine happiness and glee at the best story arcs got automatically bottled up. And it bothered me so. Kept me mindfucked for a couple of days after that. Anyway, an awesome read in your less macho moments, and easily worth a buy. Strongly recommended.

Thanks for sticking thru' the whole ramble.

Work starts on Monday. Wish me luck. Lots to follow from then!

PS- For heaven's sake, stop watching those effedup news channels. Ugh. Yes, you.

August 12, 2006

minor alert

I'm currently in Hyderabad with Beatzo.

Too. Many. Comics.

['nuff said]

PS- Ganja, Craig T's Blankets is the most mindfuckingly awesome graphic novel. You have no idea.

August 06, 2006

Trey Anastasio (Phish)

Super super super. Awesome music. Like rediscovering music all over again.

August 05, 2006

On silence, keeping the phone off, reading books, walking around the colony, listening to tapes, writing in a book, smoking less, bonding with dad...

It's good.

August 04, 2006

Today's homage from TMNT...

(Super cool. NOT photoshopped.)

August 02, 2006


First things first. Update your GoogleTalk. FINALLY they've added file sharing, voicemail, etc etc. One very cute feature is it can take your current song playing and display it as your status message. Very nice, especially if you want to show off the new Indus Creed collection that you downloaded (Thanks a gazillion, CJ) and have been tripping on nonstop, reliving memories of 1st year, Hwing and everything in between(Ganja's just written a fabulous review of that period for us. Kindly read it and smile at the bunch of boys rolling around in the comfort of good times.) And if you guys are into radioverve, the guys there told me that they'll soon be uploading the whole discography onto it soon. Hooyeah!

Secondly, I've been thinking about what to tell you guys about my chittaranjan trip, and I figure it boils down to 2 nuggets. One's a story, so we'll get that out of the way first.
Whenever I go for my office "onsite" trips to Chittaranjan, I get to stay at this Government guest house. Now, the whole township of Chittaranjan is stuck in 1960 AND it's dry (if you get my drift), which means I have to spend large tracts of time doing nothing. Really, nothing. Not even a wank, it's that boring. So I smoke excessive amounts of cheap cigarettes (Kings aren't available) and stare at sunsets hoping that missiles hit the guest house. For the, uh, entertainment value, if nothing. Anyway, so the caretaker of the guesthouse sees my plight, and decides to help out. Which means, every couple of days he gets along a woman who can't possibly more than 20 years old, and each time asks "Saaheb, aap isse chakna chahenge?"

(For those, who don't get hindi, "Sir, would you like to taste her?").

Really, not kidding. And everytime I have to tell him to kindly fuck off, I don't do this kind of thing, I'm not interested. I told him, in what I hoped would be the last time he tried such a stunt, that they aren't even my type of women.

Should have worked, no?

If you answered yes, you obviously have no idea how I seem to attract the weirdest of weirdest werdnesses that are weirdly weirded... well, you get the idea.

The night before I'm leaving, the caretaker gets along an 8 year old boy.

No, I DID NOT accept his offer, you idiots.

And that's my story. Draw your own conclusions. Onward to the next nugget.

I met Laloo Prasad Yadav... kind of. And he's an asshole. I do not like him.

That's all. Sums up the trip quite nicely, I suppose.

Ok, here's the 'news' I've been wanting to tell you all anyway. I quit my job. I am without job. Broke, even. Headed for manipal on the 10:30 AM day bus today, with all my luggage already packed up (except for the Farside collection, I have NO idea how I'm going to get that to Manipal. Perhaps I'll do what I always do and just dump it in Byker7's house. Hehe.)

Why I quit isn't important, let's just say that I badly need a change and I think I'm done for good with software development. And for the record, the 2 worst employers/clients are 1.) your family 2.) the government. With both of them on your heels... Ugh. Take my word for it. I'm going to spend 2 weeks in Manipal now considering the future VERY VERY carefully. I want to walk along the streets there at 6 in the morning, do some photography, maybe put some work into the book (and the almost finished outline for the comic), whatever.

Mostly though, I'm just sick of people and am dying to get away from them all. Friends, family, strangers, whatever. I have begun to despise the concepts of humanity, of nations, of religion, of goddamn coffee shops that charge 75 Rs for a sandwich. Everything. Manipal offers me a chance to calm down a bit, I'm going to take it. Except for dad, nobody's there anymore that I'm even remotely acquainted with, so I'm thinking it'll be good. Get a life for myself, somewhat. I might not blog so much, may not check my mail that often, you might even find my phone switched off for long periods. Is ok, I'm alive, and I promise to reply to anything you throw at me. Just don't ask me what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. Trust me, I don't know myself. I have no confidence in the future either. What I do have, is faith, a six stringed guitar, and a pair of blue socks. They've gotten me thru' worse times, you better believe it :)

That's about it, I guess. No long winded rambling, no descriptive bullshit, nothing. It's been fun, and I hope to come back a better man. Later, dudes!

August 01, 2006

Cheeslings epilogue

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My blog is no. 1 on googling "cheeslings india"
and number 6 for just "cheeslings". I rest my case. My theories are now backed QED.

Posting a longer blog tonight, I've just been exceptionally busy. A lot has happened in the last 2 days. I'll explain, wait for a couple of hours.