"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

July 16, 2006


(no links, punk!)

Saturday- Lunch with Azhar at Desmond's (the most boss steak in the world), bookshopping trip which got me Gaiman's AnansiBoys, SmokeAndMirrors, Neverwhere (which I'm reading listening to Gaiman's tribute album); also a Carl Hiassen Omnibus. Azhar picked up Gaiman'sAmericanGods, H2G2, AnimalFarm, LOTR: Fellowship... and some others. Sat in JavaCity and ogled at this woman who kept tying and untying her hair (yeah, flipflopping heart). Chilled in Azhar's place, then headed for Vijeth's where we (Sajith was there too) jammed, smoked, and ordered chinese takeout. Watched Clerks: The Animated Series (5 stars, btw. Funny funny shit.). Crashed late, came back early.

Sunday- Listened to three albums by the Beta Band (remember the reference in High Fidelity? Yeah, that band. Super.) Read the whole Boom! studios catalogue. Now going to eat a giant dinner which includes oyster sannas and chicken. Meeting up with S_R for a smoke or something later. Will then watch Virgin Suicides; a movie that's been recommended and has been promised to "change the way I think about women". Uh huh. Will then continue reading Anansi Boys and fall asleep to the whispers of Mazzy Star.

So what the f*ck did YOU do this weekend?