"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

July 08, 2006


Fucker, Happy B'day. Buy me some beer.


x said...

I know that if i tell you my name, you might remember me. If you are interested I shall definitely let you know. You know how we have these people we admire so much, and want to be like them. You were one such person for me. I love the way u talked to everyone, loved ur attitude and now when i came across ur blog also love the way u write. I wish I was like you, who did not give a damn about what people thought...I say I dont care all the time...but deep inside i know that i do. It was lovely reading your blog!

Pi said...

Ok, one of you wankers is yanking my geegaws.

If you're not, then x, you are deeply deeply mistaken. DEEPLY.
I DO give a damn. I just do such an awesome job of hiding it. This blog is simply my playground where I *try* to be myself. I'm SO HAPPY you liked reading my blog. And since you've so obviously been stalking me, I'll gladly buy you a beer.

Fuck everyone else, I have a SECRET ADMIRER! Woohoo!

Y'know, x, tell me who you are, man. This anonymous persona does not wash down well, no matter how well intentioned it was. Hell, you know my email id. Out with it man, and let's make fun of the day you professed your admiration for skinny geeky konkani boys!

Hehe. Thanks for making my day. Hope you're around for longer.

CJ said...


X said...

Well, I'm glad I made your day and you know what I really wasn't joking.......I just simply typed your name on google and then your blog came up. I just wanted to know if you were still in TCS or elsewhere. Well, I mean't every bit of what I said. I really do wish I were like you. I in no way want to keep u in suspense any longer, so i guess i'll e-mail you if you promise me that you wont tell anyone else, you are a scorpio and scorpios cant keep their mouth shut..but oh well..I guess i trust you..I shall mail you soon..n hey I wasn't stalking or anything... ;) n i'm really sorry about the whole anonymous thingy...its strange but a part of me thought, you wouldn't really pay much attention to the comment..u'd either totally ignore it or even delete it..well im glad in a way u did not..and again...I have absolutely no bad intentions...I just wanted to let you know how i felt...and its completely umm...normal...dont worry..... I'm not psychotic or anything...Im completely normal and I'm a happy person..its just that though I never got to know you very well, ...I always thought u had an amazing personality...and deep inside..always thought you were nice..and have a good heart ..no matter what ppl said..I read somewhere that you went to chennai and helped the Tsunami victims..thats not something everyone would do...you are a sweet person .... ...but oh well.....stay sweet! Have a positively peaceful day tomorrow!
p.s your "woohoo" made me smile :-)

CJ said...

sorry for interrupting, but i wanna make pi man more happy.

d00d it's a chik. guys dont know shit abt sunsigns. or tsunamis. ENJOY.

We-almost-on-verge-of -being-sick-of-smokin-oh-god-me-becoming-a-conformist??: said...

Sheesh you guys ! get a room.
btw I guess my thunders gone...

Also I think all this sentiment has given me cancer! ;@p

varun said...

anyone for big fat geeky konkani boys

aiyyoooo sweetieeeeeee said...

jadoooooooooooooooo teri nazar
khusbooooo (he does stink - the religious non bather!) tera badan -nnnn
tu haan kar
tan-tan-tan (guitar music for those of you who dont know details of such awesomely well crafted and above all melodious songs)
ya naa kar
tu haan kar ya naa kar
tu hai mera sunilllllllllllllllllllll
tu hai meraaaaaaaa suniilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

i wonder why he/she did not mention wanting to be like you in some other ways too:
about the uncut/cut too short hair, the smelly armpits (the attack of the armpitter was a superhero we made up for our's truly - hey that has great potential for a full time blog), the jeans you put through the document shredder before wearing them (wonder if that comes under the you dont care about other people comment), the funny fuzzies on your chin you pass off as a goatie...man i could go on and on and on and on!! get him/her to contact me ill give him/her more things to idolize you about ;)
your amazing personality....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - oh wow i almost pee-d in my pants!!!
you have such a good heart and are such a sweeeeeet person sunil you will forgive me for this!

aiyyooo sweetieeeee said...

psst! white boy wants to know if its the maid

Pi said...

I leave you guys alone for one bloody night and what bloody balrogs you people get into. Unfuckinbelievable.

X, write to me. 'nuff with the flattery. Thank you, made me feel all like a rockstar for a while. I never joined TCS, btw. I must ask you about "what people said". Erm. Especially when you actually READ somewhere that I went to chennai for tsunami relief. I didn't think NW had such intense coverage :P And if you ARE a chick, PLEASE don't be my maid. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Or you can just take everything Sweety just said and believe it. It's all true. Including the armpitter, he who destroys the world with the power of stench (my arch nemesis was AuntyDeo, whose alter ago was of course Sweety)

Varun, if you're using my blog as a dating service - 1. I'll kick your ass 2. Twice. Hell, I'M not getting any action here, I see no reason why any other person in the world should either :P

The rest of you, ah, get a life instead of trolling this place on a saturday night.

Ok, back to sleep.

X said...

I should have known the consequences of posting something in public. Mr. Pi sorry about the embarassment, This will be my last comment. You know guys, the rest of you I mean...its easy to just make fun of someone..you really don't understand..ok I don't have any intentions of insulting anyone..all I want to say is that..its not really any kind of an obsession I have with him..just wanted to let him know that I did really admire him..I never thought i'd actually tell him but I had to some day I guess...coz I may die before morning..and Mr. Pi you should listen to "into dust" by Mazzy Star..its very soothing.
p.s whats that about being your maid? I'll be honest I didn't quite get it...and the rest of you
stop guessing if I'm male or female..it doesn't make a difference anyway..

Pi said...

X, wow, chill out dude(tte). It's ok, I get regularly embarrassed by these idiots all the time. And don't mind them too much, deep down inside they're all quite special.

And really, don't die and all before morning. Of course, it's a monday tomorrow, so you might just want to sleep it off.

Am downloading the song right now. Thanks for the tip.

And my maid tried to molest me once. Ugh.

Now I REALLY need sleep! Zzz.

creepo said...

much ado about nothing....king lear

Pi said...

Better than being nothing at all, douche.

X said...

wrote a mail to you and saved it as a draft..a little scared abbout sending it...coz I don't know what to expect..

Pi said...


[The crowd goes wild as X stares as the monitor, and the chant begins... "Send, send send"...]

And relax, if I'm such a nice guy, it shouldn't bother you so.

Even my orkut profile says I'm 100% "trusty". [sheesh]

X said...


Pi said...

No more comments allowed on this post. I love all you guys, but still. Sorry.