"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

July 04, 2006

This one time...


I think I was in love with you before I even met you.

Not you, of course, but the idea that there was a woman out there like you. Y'know, a busty daft woman who picks up the bill. Ha, and you always thought you were special. Fuck off!

Ahem. So anyway.
Before I forget, do remember to go here and wish the bykerthreeplusfour a very happy birthday. He's 30, grumpier than usual(woah!) and spent the night installing antivirus updates on his comp.
No, really. I'm not even certain he was drinking.
You're welcome to panic now.
Bon Jovi's "These Days". Managed to find a torrent off demonoid, and am now totally in nostalgia mode, what with "While My Guitar Lies Bleeding..." on infinite repeat. *sigh* I love it love it love it.
Do any of you have that great one tape that gave you peace of mind after a long day of school? Tell me.
After reading through this review of DefLeppard's album "Yeah!", and the raging battle going on in the comments section, I have a question to ask - you know how people who critique a piece of art/music/film/etc negatively are challenged back with a "Why don't YOU make a 20 million dollar album first and then you get the right to bash somebody else up". Why isn't it the opposite? Why aren't fans challenged with the same thing before they profess their love for anything? Hell, it'll silence the millions who seem to have liked this shit so much that they're actually releasing a sequel (aaaaaughh!!) Bottom line is, isn't every review based purely on opinion? That opinion, that moves faster than the speed of thought? Hell, I'm quite certain this pompous prick selfproclaimed expert my very good friend beatzo would raise an eyebrow and ask me to grow up and isten to REAL music (and then conveniently point me towards J-pop or electronica, hrmm); but that's quite simply based on his preferences too, yeah?
Dear god, I could admit right here that Backstreet Boys "Spanish Eyes" made me feel all warm Never mind.

You guys are reading the striked out text anyway, aren't you? Cheaters :D
I want to give you just one link to read, but there sure is a lot here. I'll just let you know that there even was a segment on TimesNow with the John Abraham lookalike of the movie (kindly note pink bra). He's skinnier than me, and is sporting a Rachel Green hairdo. I friggin' give up; somebody pass me the beer.

Ooh, before I dive into oblivion for a few days, let me give a shout out to Ganja, who calls at 3 in the night just to tell me that life sucks. I love you too man :P



We-J-eth said...

well written!
(no sir no sarcasm here...oh no...hehe)

Pi said...

Hehe. And here I thought you were going to rib on me for the Bon Jovi mention.

Dammit, you eventually will, won't you? Loude.