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July 10, 2006

Quick note

Need a site to download music from without bittorrent? Say there's just one song you need, and it's relatively rare, when compared to say Metallica or Spears?

Say there's a song by Mazzy Star that's just been recommended to you and you can't find it with your friends or the net?

www.grammy.ru. Super assortment. Good good collections. Direct downloads, no shit. Supports download accelerators too. No popups. And pics of hot russian women in nonobtrusive ads on a banner on the top of the page, just so you have something to see while your music downloads. Just don't get psyched by the russian text everywhere when you open up the site. Click on ENG on the top right, and atleast the tabs will change to english. Click on music, do your search by artist, song name, etc.

Back to work. I HATE my job. HATE.

But I really like Mazzy Star. As should you.

Update: Couldn't find SaigonKick on it. Damn. If anybody has any songs by SaigonKick could they please gimme? Will be eternally grateful.


We-j-eth said...

May your beloved Laila rest in peace! :(

boy and the comments in your "vijeth" article... need I say more ?<:)

Pi said...

I'm going to kill Umya for stepping on my baby Layla and cracking the frame.

No, really. I'm going to twist his nuts off and shove them up his ass. Then laugh loudly as he bleeds to death.

azhar said...

Yes grammy.ru is super. pandora isn;t working on my office comp. Very disappointing.

We-j-eth I simply am amazed that Pi(who has turned to Orkut as his last resort) got lucky when he wrote on article on you. Bizaare , cancerous and thunder stealing. And yes, Mr. Pi I shall reserve my comments for later.

Pi said...

^%$&**^@ friends like these...

Losers aren't even going to let me work in peace. Busy means BUSY.

We-J-ed said...

Thank you azhar
at least someone realizes. (And that doesn't mean you sunil)
sorry I thought she was Laila not Layla. Will take care in future.